Who decides the designs on the stamp?

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For a long time the Postmaster General decided what should go on stamps. However, when Congress began passing legislation requiring certain subjects be honored, in 1957 the Postmaster General created a committee to review the ideas of the entire public. The committee includes stamp collectors as well as government officials.
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What is a design?

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Who chooses postage stamp designs?

The Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee decides on the new postagestamp designs. These members are appointed to their position by thepost master general.

What does a dollar symbol 925 copy right stamp mean on silver ring with red gen inset and modern design?

I'm not sure about the dollar symbol, but the 925 is actually ".925". That is the commonly used abbreviation for sterling silver, which is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The dollar symbol might be the manufacturer's logo, or possibly it might not be a dollar sign. It could just be an un ( Full Answer )

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Where do you get stamps?

For use as postage, your local post office. For collectors, you can find them in hobby stores, usually in large packets. Dealers are another source. Online auctions such as eBay often have thousands of cataloged items, as well as big packages that you can sort and catalog yourself. Have fun!

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Who designed the first british stamp?

The "Penny Black" is considered the first ever postage stamp. It was introduced by the British for entirely internal use in 1840. It was called the "Penny Black" because it was black and it cost one penny. The only design was Queen Victoria's head. Other denominations (and colours) were introduced o ( Full Answer )

Why are the borders of stamps designed the way they are?

The designs of stamps and their borders serve a number of functions. The biggest is to provide a frame for the vignette, or the picture in the middle. The other is to make it more of a challenge to duplicate. Counterfeit stamps are a crime and can be profitable..

US stamps with capital letter A designation?

When the U.S. Post Office is trying to get a rate hike approved and wants to be prepared with new stamps, then instead of printing the amount of the postage, the Post Office prints a letter to designate the value. The "A" stamp was worth 15 cents. It had a stylized eagle, and the words "US Postag ( Full Answer )

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Who decides what will be printed on a stamp?

In the US there is a committee that reviews ideas submitted from many sources. The ones that have merit are reviewed and recommendations are made to the USPS.

Who designs US postage stamps?

Lots of people! Sometimes there will be competitions for designs that allow artists to submit drawings and artwork for the stamps. The US Postal Service has a group that formats and lays out the final designs for approval by the Postmaster General.

Who decides the prices of stamps?

The government normally determines the cost of postage. If your are referring to collectable stamps, the price is set by the market. Rarity is the single most important factor, followed by demand and condition of the specific stamp.

What did the stamp act stamp?

The stamp act taxed wills, diplomas, and marriage license. It taxed newspapers, almanacs, playing cards, and dice too.

What do you do to get on a stamp?

There are companies that are authorized to custom make stamps valid for US postage . You must be dead for at least 5-10 years. You probably have to be someone that specificly has to do with the history of your country.

Did the stamp act tax stamps?

no the stamp act did not put a tax on stamps. it put a tax on written documents such as news paper's, books, and even the declaration of Independence.

What were the laws designed to stamp out the ku klux klan terrorism in the south?

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Who decides what goes on a postage stamp?

It is done by an advisory committee. There are stamp collectors, historians and USPS people on the committee. They make suggestions to the head of the USPS and they make the final decision on what is created..

Are stamps that have been stamped collectible?

They are 100% collectable. It is your choice to collect them or not. Stamps are listed in catalogues with two values, a value for a mint (not used) stamp and a value for a used stamp. In most cases the mint stamps will be worth more than the used stamp but it depends on the rarity. Sometimes a used ( Full Answer )

Why do we call stamps stamps?

Originally, mail was stamped using ink and a stamp of some type. These stamps were made of wood, metal or in some cases, even potatoes! The impression indicated that the postage had been paid. When the paper stamps came out, they replaced the stamp, so got the name of the indication they replaced ( Full Answer )

What happens if the Bank of England decides that a design of notes must be replaced?

The Bank of England changes the design of its banknotes regularly to foil counterfeiters and to prevent foreigners or terrorists from stockpiling banknotes to the detriment of the British economy. Once the decision has been made to change an existing banknote, or to issue a new denomination, a comm ( Full Answer )

What is a metal disc on which a design is stamped to produce a coin called?

It depends, sometimes they are called blanks, other times they are called planchets, occasionally you will hear them called flans. All of them are correct though the term planchet or flan is used more with coin collectors while the term blank is used by pretty much everyone else.

Who designed the Minnesota Statehood Stamp for the US Government?

Homer Hill designed the Minnesota Statehood Stamp for the U.S. Government. Homer Hill is a talented artist. He was born in 1917 in Newark, New Jersey. He died in 1968 in Livingston, New Jersey. He is known as an illustrator, commercial artist, designer, and painter. .

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How do you know the value of a stamp if it is not on the stamp?

The US Postal Service has a list of nondenominated postage on their website in pdf format Linked below. __ Some nondenominated stamps are "forever" stamps and the value is whatever the current price set by the post office. In the US, they will have "Forever" written on them rather than a denom ( Full Answer )

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How do you get stamps?

They are available at any US Post office. In the not too distant past it was a virtual ground rule that Tobacco Shops were (required) to sell stamps and many had large mail boxes outside their doors. this tradition originated in Paris, France. The tobacco trade was reined-in to provide postage stamp ( Full Answer )

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