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Congress decides everything that has to do with everything. They have a president so that the people can blame him for everything that goes wrong, but indeed the Congress and government are to blame. Well that's just my theory.

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Members of which Senate committee handle issues relating to the judicial branch such as federal courts and judges?

Committee on Judiciary(A+)

What three issues about the organization of the judiciary department does Alexander Hamilton address?


What are subcommittees?

A subcommittee is a smaller committee inside a committee which focuses on more specific issues compared to a committee.

Who issues the caldecott honor?

The Caldecott Honor is awarded by the Caldecott Committee. The committee is appointed by the American Library Association.

Who does a political action committee represent?

PAC's support issues

Which section of the Judiciary Act of 1789 gives the federal judiciary the authority to overrule state court decisions on issues relating to the Constitution federal law and treaties?

Section 25

Which category of Senate committee was created to report to the Senate on very specific issues such as campaign activities and Watergate?

Select Committee

What is the purpose of a credentials committee?

The purpose of a credentials committee is to promote discussion of issues facing temporary and part-time faculty.

How does Barnes and Noble address ethical legal and security issues?

how does Barnes and Nobels address ethical issues

What an appellate court does with a case?

An appellate court hears and decides the issues on appeal.

What is a sprc in the united Methodist church?

SPRC is the Staff Parish Relations Committee.... This committee addresses issues of the paid positions in the UMC

Clauses added to the Constitution to address specific issues known as?

Amendments are added to the Constitution to address specific issues.

Which type of committee is created to report to the House on specific issues?

select committees

What is the primary function of the Committee on Finance?

(Work with issues regarding taxes and Social Security.)

What is the address of the Jersey Shore house in Miami?

The address is not listed for safety issues

Steering Committee Officers?

it is committee like having the all the head of the departments of organization to discuss the issues like plans to overcome the future and prest growth of organization.

What is an example of a select committee?

people who look at big but one day issues, like tornado disrupting the area. the select committee would handle it by sending some money. ;)

What are some common issues with large networks?

Performance degradation, Security issues, Address Management

Should the court allow partisanship to influence the judiciary?

The intent of the framers certainly seems to have been to aviod such a situation. On the other hand partisanship doesn't really mean anything. Our society has many different opions about many different issues, and some issues we almost all agree on. Due to the imperfect system of legislation the judiciary often has to decide issues on opions of issues rather than a strick construction of the laws as written. This issue is far too complicated to cover in this format.

What social issues did Ida kumoji address?


Philosophes used reason to address?

Social Issues

What issues did the civil war feminists address?


In which area of the law-making process are hearings on issues and bills held?

through committee work

Which group of representatives oversees foreign assistance security issues and the US military?

Committee on Foreign Affairs

Who in the USA decides what position the media take on political and economic issues?

The media makes these decisions independently themselves.