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It is not known

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Q: Who designed the Romanian flag?
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On the romanian flag what does the symbol stand for?

Any symbol on the Romanian flag.

What year was Romanian flag made?

The first Romanian flag, similar to the flag from today, is from 1834.

Who picked the Romanian flag?

An unknown man, in December 1989; now the Romanian flag is not picked.

What color was the romanias flag?

The Romanian flag is red, yellow and blue.

Would you translate this page to romanian?

FLAG: which question?

Who designed the flag of the U.S.V.I?

The flag of the U.S.V.I was designed by Mitch Davis.

When was the first flag designed?

The first U.S. flag was designed in 1777.

Who designed the flag for Spain?

the first king of spained designed the flag

Who designed the Brazilian flag?

The person that designed the Brazilian flag is Decio Vilares.

Who designed hawaiis state flag?

The flag was designed at the request of King Kamehameha I.

Who designed the flag of Bangladesh?

The national flag of Bangladesh was designed by Kamrul Hassan.

What are the 3 colours in the Romanian flag?

Blue, Yellow and Red

What does the color blue mean in the Romanian flag?

The meaning is liberty.

What does the Romania flag look like?

The Romanian flag has three colors (from the flagpole): blue, yellow, red.

Why does the flag of Romania look the way it does?

The Romanian flag is rectangualar with three colors: red, yellow, blue.

Who designed the jamaican flag?

a bipartisan comittee of the Jamaica house of representatives designed the flag

Who designed the Nigerian flag?

Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi designed the flag when he was a student in 1959

Who designed the Canada flag?

The present Canada flag was designed by Jacques Saint-Cyr.

When was the french flag designed?

the french flag designed in 1794 by Jacques Louis David.

Who designed the first American flag?

No one knows who designed the first American Flag.

How old was the person that designed Hawaii's flag?

Benny Benson was 13 when he designed the flag in 1927.

Who designed the flag of Jamaica?

A bipartisan committee of the Jamaica House of Representatives designed the Jamaican Flag.

What is the Romanian flag like?

Use one of the links below to see it.

What are the colors on the Romanian flag?

(from left to right) blue, yellow, and red.

What does the flag of Romania stand for?

The meaning of the colors on the Romanian flag is only a legend; any scientific explanation exist.