Who designs scenery for a play?

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scenery falls under the control of the set designer

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Q: Who designs scenery for a play?
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Related questions

What is the scenery of a play called?

a scenery

A sentence using the word scenery?

"Clare designs scenery for plays and productions" "The scenery was very detailed and so was greatly admired by the people watching the show" "The play was terrible - the scenery was better than the acting!" "I like being a passenger in a car rather than the driver, because it allows me to look at the scenery in more detail as we drive"

What is the scenery of a play?

Scenery is the effects that a person gives to a plaY for example costumes, background, lighting, sounds, and props.

How is scenery used in a play?

Scenery is used to set the scene, mood and tone of a play. For example, a scene set in a garden may have a scenery involving trees and plants.

What are people called who build scenery for a play?


What are the people called who build scenery in a play?


Who are the people who build the scenery in a play?

Set designers

What is the meaning of set in a play?

The set is the scenery: the depiction of the physical location of the play.

What a scenery of a play called in drama?

I believe it is called the backdrop.

What has the author Inigo Jones written?

Inigo Jones has written: 'Some architectural works of Inigo Jones' 'Festival designs' -- subject(s): Theaters, Exhibitions, Stage-setting and scenery, Costume, Masques, Theater 'Festival designs by Inigo Jones' -- subject(s): Exhibitions, Masques, Theaters, Theater, Stage-setting and scenery, Drawing, Costume 'Designs of Inigo Jones and others' 'Inigo Jones'

Is scenery plural?

It is both singular and plural. Scenery can refer to one large scene. It can also refer to a collection of scenes, such as the backdrops used in a play.

What is the importance of backdrops and scenery to a play?

They are used as a setting for a theater production. They are accessories on a stage that represent the location of a scene. When in a play, if a scene takes place in a forest, you cannot bring an actual forest to a stage or perform the play in an actual forest, so a backdrop (which is a painting) of the forest will be the scenery for that scene in the play.

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