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They disagreed with no one but themselves (hey, you did ask WHO they disagreed with)

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Over which issue did Abraham Lincoln and Stephen a Douglas disagree during their debates?

It was the issue of slavery that Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A Douglas disagreed about during their political debates. Stephen A Douglas supported slavery while Abraham Lincoln opposed it.

What was the purpose of the Lincoln Douglas debates for Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas?


Which issue did Abraham Lincoln and Stephen a Douglas disagree during there debates?

whether slavery should be allowed in states where voters supported it

Who was in the debate of Election of 1858?

Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, hence Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

When did Abraham Lincoln lose to Stephen Douglas?

Lincoln lost the senatorial race to Douglas in 1858.

Who did Abraham Lincoln debate in 1858?

Stephen Douglas

What issue did Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas disagree during their debates?

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln sought the senate seat in Illinois that was held by nationally known Stephen A. Douglas. The major issue in the debates they had during the campaign centered around slavery. Douglas attempted to portray Lincoln as a radical and Lincoln tried to make Douglas seem a pro-slavery senator. Douglas easily won the election, but it gave Lincoln national attention.

What was Stephen Douglas known for?

Stephen Douglas won against Abraham Lincoln when running for US Senate

What is Stephen Douglas known for?

he won against abraham lincoln

How were Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas alike?

they were in the election of 1860

What was Stephen Douglas activities?

Stephen Douglas ran against Abraham Lincoln in Election of 1858 for Senate then again for Election of 1860 for President and that's how we got Abraham Lincoln for president

Was there a difference in Stephen A Douglas' private and personal beliefs about Abraham Lincoln?

In correspondence to Stephen A. Douglas' friends, he indicated that Abraham Lincoln was not a radical or fanatical Republican. Douglas had admiration for Lincoln. In public, however, politics prevailed. Douglas had to paint Lincoln as an abolitionist and a divisive political figure.

Who won Senate race against Abraham Lincoln?

Stephen Douglas beat Abraham Lincoln in the Senate race.

Who did Abraham Lincoln run against for the senate?

Stephen Arnold Douglas

Who ran Against Abraham Lincoln for presidency?

I think it was Stephen Douglas

What did Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debate about in the LincolnDouglas debates?


What state was Abraham Lincoln in senate?

Abraham Lincoln ran for the US Senate from Illinois but lost to Stephen A. Douglas. The famous Lincoln-Douglas debates took place during this campaign.

Abraham lincoln gained national fame debating?

Abraham Lincoln first entered the public eye when he debated Stephen Douglas. The famous debates are called the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Who debated against Stephen Douglas?

Abraham Lincoln debated against Stephen Douglas in the 1858 US Senate campaign, from Illinois.

What was some of Abraham Lincoln struggles?

when he was eight he had to work hard to get an education. Lincoln lost his debated with Stephen Douglas. Stephen Douglas won and Lincoln lost an election. but the debated made him famous.

How do you use contemporary in a sentence?

The politician Stephen Douglas was a contemporary of Abraham Lincoln.

Who debated for the Illinois senate seat in 1858?

Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas

What did Abraham Lincoln participated in a series of important political debates with?

Stephen Douglas

Who impacted Abraham Lincoln?

stephen douglaswhite people(americans)his sons

How did Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas differ concerning the expansion of slavery?

They didn't