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Atticus suggested that Bob Ewell hurt Mayella, based on the evidence presented during Tom Robinson's trial in "To Kill a Mockingbird." He argued that Bob Ewell was the most likely culprit and that Mayella's injuries were a result of her father's abuse.

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I think you mean who...a and its her father bob ewell

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Bob Ewell beat Mayella when he caught her kissing a black man. Tom was an easy target to blame it on, to cover up the beating.

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Q: Who did Atticus suggest hurt Mayella?
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Who did Atticus suggest actually hurt Mayella?

Atticus suggested that Bob Ewell, Mayella's father, was responsible for hurting her. He argued that Bob Ewell abused and manipulated his daughter as a way to cover up his own actions.

What make Atticus mock mayella?

Actually, Atticus doesnt mock Mayella. Mayella thinks Atticus is mocking her because he is caller her Ma'am and Miss Mayella, which she isnt used to.

Who does Atticus suggest beat mayella?

Atticus suggests that Mayella's father, Bob Ewell, beat her. He mentions during the trial that it was likely Bob Ewell who harmed Mayella out of anger and frustration, rather than Tom Robinson.

Who did atticus suggest injured mayella?

Atticus suggested that Mayella Ewell was likely injured by someone left-handed based on the bruises on her face. He believed it was her father, Bob Ewell, who was left-handed and had a history of being abusive towards his daughter.

Whom does Mayella say she is afraid of?

The judge asks Mayella what she's scared of, and she points to Atticus

Why does mayella cry in court?

Mayella cries because she thinks Atticus will find out that her father really did it.

Who yelled at the jury and Atticus?

Bob Ewell or Mayella

What does atticus says mayella is guilty of?

"Tempting a Negro"

Why is mayella's reaction to atticus' behavior in court ironic?

Mayella's reaction to Atticus' behavior in court is ironic because Atticus is the only person actually trying to defend her and seek justice for her, yet she is hostile towards him. Despite his efforts to help her, Mayella feels threatened by Atticus' questioning and sees him as an enemy due to her prejudiced views.

What point does atticus try to establish through Mayella's testimony or lack of it?

Atticus aims to show that Mayella is not a reliable witness by poking holes in her story and highlighting inconsistencies. He tries to establish that Mayella's accusations against Tom Robinson are a result of her own personal issues and not based on factual events. Atticus demonstrates that her testimony lacks credibility, bringing into question the integrity of the case against Tom.

Why did mayella become angry with atticus when he questioned her?

Mayella became angry with Atticus when he questioned her because she felt humiliated and defensive. Atticus was challenging her version of events during the trial, which made Mayella uncomfortable and angry. She may have also felt frustrated by the fact that Atticus was exposing the truth behind her false accusations.

How did Mayella react to the politeness of Atticus?

Mayella Ewell was surprised and taken aback by Atticus's politeness during the trial. She had likely never encountered someone treating her with respect and courtesy before, which made her uncomfortable and defensive.