Miley Cyrus
Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Who did Cole Sprouse kiss?

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yes, cecilia and cole sprouse did kiss and cole asked her out.

No she kiss Dylan Sprouse

no but Cole Sprouse did kiss Miley Cyrus

It wasn't cole sprouse it was me, and we had lots of fun that night

i no that Selena Gomez's 1st kiss was with Dylan sprouse on his and Cole's show

Abby Paige was his favorite kiss

this girl named Isabella

cole sprouse on the suite life (on camera kiss)

it that real colesprouse kiss ashleytisdale

her first kiss was with cole Sprouse when she was 11 years old.

yes they kiss once they love echother just go to Google and type cole sprouse and Miley Cyrus kissing.

Yup! On the cheek it was so cute!

Yeah, when he was 8 years old

Wat are you trying to say did cole spouse have his first kiss. Well yes with a girl name Natalie mcoy.

Cole Sprouse. They kissed on the suite life on deck.

Dylan Sprouse!!! Im such a Dylan Sprouse fan

no! cole sprouse is not gay (:

cole mitchell sprouse and Dylan thomas sprouse

yes he kissed the girl ( Debby Ryan ) or anther girl

Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse

Cole Sprouse. Cole Sprouse b. 1992 Debby Ryan b. 1993

No, Dylan and Cole Sprouse do not have a Blackberry.

i think Cole Sprouse is170cm.

Cole Sprouse's birth name is Cole Mitchell Sprouse.

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