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Q: Who did Ned Kelly get hunged by?
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Is Ned Kelly's real name Edward Ned Kelly?

Ned Kelly's proper name was "Edward Kelly".

What is Ned Kelly's characteristics?

NED KELLY WAS A bushranger

What was Ned Kelly's full name?

Edward Ned Kelly

How many children did ned kelly have?

Ned Kelly had no children.

What was Ned Kelly's real name?

Ned [Edward] Kelly.

What is the full name of ned kelly?

Edward "Ned" Kelly

What was ned KELLY mothers name?

Ned Kelly's mother's name was Ellen Kelly

Who was Ned Kelly's bushranger brother?

Ned Kelly's brother Dan was in the Kelly gang.

How did Ned Kelly get his name?

His name was Edward Kelly, his nickname was Ned.

What were Ned Kelly's nicknames?

There are no records of any nicknames of Ned Kelly.

Why was Ned Kelly a hero?

Ned Kelly was not a hero. He was a bushranger and a murderer.

Was ned kelly caught?

Yes, Ned Kelly was caught, and hung.

Why did Ned Kelly challenge authorities?

why did Ned Kelly challenge authorities

What was the nationality of Ned Kelly's parents?

Ned Kelly's parents were Irish.

What were some of Ned Kelly's achievements?

What were some of Ned Kelly's Achievements

What are some famous quotes by ned kelly?

quotes about ned kelly

Did Ned Kelly have a sword?

no ned kelly didn't have a sword he had a gun

Does Ned Kelly have anythings named after him?

No. Ned Kelly does not have anything named after him.

Is Dan ned kelly's brother younger than ned kelly or older?

yes dan was older than ned kelly

Who was in Ned kelly gang?

Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, Joseph Byrne and Steve Hart.

Where did Ned Kelly live at?

Ned Kelly was an Australian outlaw who had various hideouts

How did ned kelly die?

Australian bushranger Ned Kelly died by hanging.

Did Ned Kelly have a wife?

There are no records to indicate that Ned Kelly ever married.

Who did Ned Kelly live with?

Ned Kelly lived with his mother, his sister and his brother

Was Ned Kelly born in Wallan?

No. Ned Kelly was born in Beveridge, Victoria.