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Who did the French trade with?

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What did the French trade in the fur trade?


Who was a french explorerwho opened the way for trade between the french and the Indians?

it was Jacques cartier who opened the trade between the french and the Indians

How do you say I'll trade in french?

here's how you say i'll trade in French (i will trade) Je vais le commerce. Eztoastbom xx

What products did the first nations people and the french trade?

what products did the first Nation people and the French trade

Who did the algonquian trade with?

The iriquois and the french The iriquois and the french

What trade did the french and british colonists want to control?

Both the French and the English colonies wanted to control the fur trade.

For what reasons did the french participate in the fur trade the fur trade?

The fur trade was important to french because they had a lot of kettles, knives and other gifts. They wanted furs.

Why did the french come to north America?

the french came for furs and trade

Where was the Fur trade established by the French?

No answer

Who did the ottoman empire trade with?

the french

Who trade whit the french but slided?


What benefit did the Indians expect to get from supporting the french?

The Indians had a fur trade going with the French. This meant that the Indians would get fur from the French and the French would trade their crops and money for the furs the Indians provided.

How did the french counts of champagne encourage trade with Flanders?

initiated trade fairs

What did the Hurons trade with the French?

Pot. And crayons.

The french fur trade?

shirts belts

Who did the comanche trade with?

the comanches traded with the french.

Can you trade french francs for euros?

Not anymore.

What did the french trade with the native Americans for?


How do you say trade in french?

You Say "échange".

How did the war impact with the trade with Europe?

british and french demands created trade imbalance.

Which trade did both the french and british colonist want control over?

Both the French and British colonist wanted control over the fur trade. The result of the fight was the French and Indian War.

What was one problem that early French settements faced?

Indians reused to trade with the french.

Why did the french colonize in America?

the french colonized in America to trade fur with the native Americans

What the french trade with the native of Americans?

what did the french trades and the native americans, exchanged for the furs.

What was one problem that early french settlements?

native americans refused to trade with the french