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King Phillip II was known as the "Devil of the South". ANSWER I dunno what your talking about, but the spanish for "the devil" is "el diablo," like in the movie Beverly Hills Chiwawa. (Sorry that I spelled it incorrectly!)

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Q: Who did the Spanish call the Devil?
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What is the word for devil in Spanish?

The Spanish word for devil is diablo.

How do say 'dust devil' in spanish?

well, dust in Spanish is polvo and devil in Spanish is diablo, so i guess "dust devil" would be polvo diablo.

What does the spanish word diablo mean?

The spanish word Diablo means devil To say "the devil" you can say "el diablo"

What is Spanish for devil child?

Diablo Chico or Chica That's Means Devil Boy Or Devil Girl

How do you say devil in spanish?


What is devil in Spanish?

el diablo

What is diablo Spanish for?

It means devil.

What is diablo in spanish mean?

The Devil

How do you spell devil in spanish?

Devil (as in 'a bit of a devil'), knave = malvadoM-A-L-V-A-D-ODevil (= Satan) = diablo, demonioD-I-A-B-L-OD-E-M-O-N-I-ODevil in spanish is "diablo"

Is diablo English or Spanish?

Diablo is Spanish and means devil in English.

How can you call the devil?

You don't

What is the word for people that follow the devil in spanish?

devil-worshippers = adoradores del diablo

What kind of photography does Sebastiรฃo Salgado do?

Sebastiao Salgado portrays his photos in beautiful and powerful meanings. The type of photography and style he does is unknown to man or god, he is the devil (SATAN).He can kill you with just the snap of his fingers.Salgado or the devil is so powerful that not only is he the devil but he is SATAN a.k.a THE DEVIL. In spanish the diablo as Mexicans call it.

Spanish of what the devil are you?

¿qué demonio eres

How do you say of the devil in spanish?

del diablo

What do you call worshiping the devil?


What do the gypsies call the devil?


How do you say devil cat in Spanish?

diablo gato

What does the word Los Dioblos mean?

It is Spanish for "The Devil".

How do you say black devil in Spanish?

Diablo negro

What does Sierra Diablo mean?

It is Spanish for "land of the Devil."

What is the Spanish translation of the English word devil?


How do you say red devil in spanish?

diablo rojo

Why did people call Joan of Arc an agent of the devil?

i think its because she slayed the devil

What do you call half angel and half devil?

you would call it a Half-Breed> It is a mix of half angel half devil hope this helps