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Who did the United States help in the Korean War?


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The United States helped out South Korea from the invasion Communist North Korea. The war resulted in a stale mate. This means that both sides of the fight ended at a draw and not one side beat the other.


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The Korean War was a United Nations Police Action and the United States was part (most) of the UN force.

US forces participated in the Korean war...

Texas has been part of the United States since 1845. They supplied men for the Korean War, just like the other states within the Union did.

the united states got involved in the Korean war to stop the spread of communsium

The goals for the Korean War was to Put an end to communism "Domino Effect"

The United States were in the Korean War as well as the USSR and supposedly China.

What was one effect of the stalemate in the Korean war within the United states

The United States had paid about 403 billion in the Korean war.

the Korean war put the United States out at least 100 billion dollars

The United states confronted Communism in East Asia after the Korean War with fear that communism would be intertwined to other countries. They entered the Korean Conflict shortly after world war 2.

The United States joined the Korean War because the US feared that all countries in Asia would be turned to a communist country. At the time of the Korean War, China was a huge factor because China supported North Korea. If the United States did not support South Korea then the domino effect would have been put to effect. In other words.. The United States joined the Korean War to resist communism from spreading.

When the United States and the UN began to help South Korea in the Korean War, the Chinese noticed that the United States was advancing very close to China through North Korea and feared that the US would attack China as well. Therefore, China was the country that aligned with North Korea in the war

The United States, the Commonwealth States and Turkey.

United was under very war like korean war in 1953, and 1954 united states was under the threat of war, 1962 united states was under this war, peace, and international tensions

The Korean War was before Vietnam that the United States was involved in.

In the Korean War, the fighting took place on the Korean Peninsula. The war was part of a larger competition between the United States and the Soviet Union, known as the Cold War.

The Soviet Union and The United States Of Canada.

They attacked the United States from the north and the west causing the United States and South Korea to retreat.

The Korean war, the Vietnam war and the Cold war.

many countries did not help with the Korean War.

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