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the state, instead of a larger national gov't they wanted a small one

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Q: Who did the anti-federalists believe should have more power?
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What were people opposed to the constitution preferring more power be given to the state governments than to the national government?


In what way did the antifederalists criticize the constitution?

Anti-federalists thought that the Constitution gave too much power to the government and didn't think the people were represented enough. The anti-federalists thought states should have more rights.

Who had the power under the Articles of Confederation?

I believe the STATES had more POWER.

Did the antifederalists like the Articles of Confederation?

It did not give too much power to the central government. Not one group had ample power over another and gave the people a more individual feeling rather than a strict union.

Where where Antifederalists located?

Antifederalists are located around the world and often group themselves into small communities. They are against a more structured government and attempted to push their countries away from it as best they can.

Why did federalists have more support than antifederalists?

i dont know the freakin answer...hahaha lol

What do anti-federalists believe?

Anti-federalists believe that State government should be more important and more powerful than the Federal government. They also believe that the Bill of Rights is good and that it should be kept.

Should men have more rights than women?

Most modernized countries believe that there should be equal rights. There are cultures though that believe that the men are more superior.

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1.25 should have more power but it depends on the design.

What argued that because states created the national government the national government's power should be secondary to states' power?

who said they need more power, for the States? And they felt that they should have more Power was the government

Who is more powerful congress or the president?

Right now, what i believe, is that Congress is in more power then the President. :/

IS J.K. Rowling Wiccan?

I don't believe so but if she is then more power to her.

Why does GOP want to weaken the Federal Government?

One of the principles that many Republicans believe in is that government should have limited power. In places where the government has more power, there are often dictators, and very little freedom for the people.

Which group wanted the states to have more power?

The antifederalists wanted to give more power to the states rather than the federal government. The federalists, on the other hand, wanted an extremely powerful, strong central government. They finally compromised on a constitution when the Bill of Rights were drafted, guaranteeing certain powers to the people and the states.

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Why teachers should be paid more than doctors, is a matter of opinion. I don't believe they should be paid more.

Should the federal government have more power?


Did Thomas Jefferson believe that the states or the federal government had more power?


What are some Democratic Party characteristics?

Some characteristics of the Democratic Party include that they are more liberal, pro-choice, and lean toward more government help and programs. They believe power should flow upward.

Who believe in more taxes for the wealth the democratic or the republican?

Democrats believe that those who are fortunate enough to have more should contribute more, and republicans believe that they have theirs and no one should even take a reasonable amount of it, even though their father probably earned it for them, and that everyone else can screw off.

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the religion classes are the classes that help you to believe in God and his power more.

Should your country use more or less nuclear power?

more, more, yes please more!

What does someone believe in if they feel that the state governments should have more power over the states than the federal government?

They believe in states rights. The constitution implies that states should have more right to enforce the rules instead of the federal government. This is beneficial for the country because when you allow states to take control, the laws are applied specifically for the needs of the people on the state.

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There is an entire school of thought that says if you believe in something your mind has the power to make it come true. It has been my experience that this is more or less true. Therefore I would say it is inadvisable to entertain the idea of "Bad luck."

What are state'rights?

State's Rights is the political idea that state governments should have more power than the federal government, specifically the right to nullify a law they don't agree with or believe to be unconstitutional.

Why the federalists had an advantage over the antifederalists?

because George Washington lent his prestige to the constitution and the federalist,also they were more organized :)

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Did anti federalists want the states or central government to have more power?

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