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Q: Who did the freedman's bureau attempt to help?
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Governor organization to help former slaves?

freedmans bureau

What did freed slaves belong to?

the Freedmans Bureau

How did the freedmans bureau help African Americans economically?

The freedmans bureau helped African American economically by providing schools to educate workers.

What was the most important work of the freedmans bureau?


Black teacher for the freedmans bureau?

charlotte forten from philadelphia

What role did the freedmans bureau play in reconstruction?

garbage man

What role did Oliver O. Howard play in the Reconstruction Era?

He was the head of the freedmans bureau

What did the Freedman's Bureau offered the blacks?

the freedmans bureau provided free african americans with food and clothing. it also helped them find jobs.

What people did the freedmans bureau help?

The Freedmen's Bureau primarily assisted newly freed African Americans and destitute white people in the South after the Civil War. They provided resources such as education, food, clothing, and legal representation to help them rebuild their lives and transition to freedom.

Did the Freedmans Bureau promote or hinder black peoples freedom?

set African Americans free

How did Southerners respond to the Freedmans Bureau?

Vell den, vets see, dey wur angreh.

What did freedman depend on most from the Freedman Bureau?

The fredman were looking for jobs which was hard being black and all. The Freedmans Bureau hepled the blacks get jobs.