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AJ Styles

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โˆ™ 2012-08-06 10:26:47
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Q: Who did tna sting team up with in 2003?
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Who did sting team up with in his debut in 2003 tna?

Hulk hogan

Who did sting team up with in his debut in 2003?

Jeff Jarrett

Who wore ladies like make up example lipstick?

In TNA sting in WWE yoshi

What team was the Swiss Super League runners up in 2003?

The runners up team of the Swiss Super League in 2003 was FC Basel.

Which team was the runner up in 2003 Cricket World Cup?

Runner up team in 2003 Cricket World Cup was India.Austraila won the final by 125 runs.

Is Jericho going to tna?

his contract is up in a year so he might go to tna

What team was the runners up of the French football league in 2003?

The runners up of the French football league in 2003 were the Paris Saint-Germain.

Why dont Jeff hardy and Matt hardy team back up in the wwe?

Because Jeff Hardy has left the WWE to join TNA Wrestling and Matt Hardy has retired. So, they both cannot team up back in the WWE

Will rey mysterio go to TNA?

no he will never go to TNA He likes it in the WWE Thats up to him to decide.

Why does a bee sting someone for no reason?

accutally thay sting for reason if you bother them they will sting or if you com up to them

Is Jeff hardy come back to WWE?

maybeIt is a possibility, Jeff Hardy had resigned a contract with TNA.he wont be back anytime soon. I think TNA is better anyway. It has people i grew up watching. Sting, hulk hogan, Jeff jarret, Jeff hardy, Kevin Nash, Scott hall, x-PAC, alot of old dudes.

Do you have to train to become a tna wrestler?

No retard you can just walk in to tna walk down the ramp and get beat up

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