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It's nearly impossible to get every person who died but it's estimated that about 451,000 british citizens were killed during WW2.

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How many british soldies died World War 2?

more than 500000 british soldiers died in ww2

How many Indian soldiers in the british army died in World War 1 and World war 2?

About a 160,000.

How man English soldiers died during world war 2?

383,800 British Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

How many British soldiers died since World War 2?


How many Britain people died in world war 2?

About 451,000 British people died in WW2

How many british died in the world war 2?

382,700 killed with 67,100 wounded

How many Great Britain Soldiers died in World War 2?

400,000 british soldiers died in ww2

How did the British army join world war 2?

The British army join world war 2 by their expirence.

How many british troops died in world war 2?

Approx 383,800 British troops were killed during WW2.

How many people died in the british army in world war 2 and world war 1?

combined : over 30,000 brave men

What impact did World War 2 have on British women as mothers?

What impact did World War 2 have on British women as mothers

What planes did the british RAF use in World War 2?

what planes did the British RAF use in World War 2

How many pilots were in a World War 2 British squadron?

there were 100,000 RAF (royal air force) pilots in the World War II and 90,000 died in the war

Did the british use air raids in World War 2?

Yes the British did use air raids in world war 2.

How many British tanks were lost in World War 2?

32 british tanks were lost during world war 2

What percentage of the British population died in World War 2?

British population before WW2 was 47,760,000 and 450,900 people died in WW2. The percentage of death is about 0.94%.

Who is the world war 2 british genaral?

There were many British Generals in World War 2 but the most famous is probably Bernard Montgomery.

British war dead World War 2?


What did British soldiers do in World War 2?

won the war.

How many died in on the beaches of Normandy in world war 2?

Well over 9,000 Americans, British, and Canadians died in total. Such a small #.

What were the british allies at world war 2?

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Was Hamburg occupied by the British after World War 2?

Yes, at the very end of World War 2. Hamburg was also in the British Zone of occupation.

What are the features of British society before World War 2 in 1948?

thats after world war 2

Jews died in World War 2?

about 6 million Jews died in all world war 2.

How many peole died world war 2?

No peole died in World War 2, as there is no such thing as peole.