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The person who first found feldspar rocks is unknown, however, these types of rocks are commonly found in the Earth's crust and along road cuts of Ontario. Feldspar is commonly found in granite.

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Q: Who discovered the Feldspar Rocks?
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What is a good slogan for feldspar?

Commonly an igneous mineral, feldspar "rocks!"

Is feldspar a rock or mineral?

Feldspar is a mineral that is found in igneous rocks. Potassium feldspar is one of the minerals in granite, while plagioclase feldspar is found in andesitic rock.

Is feldspar metamorphic igneous or sedimentary?

Feldspar is a mineral. It can be found it sedimentary and metamorphic rocks though.

Potassium rich feldspar rocks?


What igneous rock contains quartz and feldspar?

Felsic igneous rocks (the lightest in color) are comprised mostly of quartz and potassium feldspar. Intermediate igneous rocks (somewhat darker than felsic) are made up of some quartz and potassium feldspar, but mostly plagioclase feldspar.

What are igneous rocks that consist of feldspar and silica?


Where do kaolinite rocks come from?

Kaolinite rocks are usually formed from the lithification of feldspar sediments.

Where can you find Plagioclase feldspar in nature?

Plagioclase feldspar is commonly found in igneous rocks that are felsic in compositions such as granite.

Can igneous rocks turn into clay?

Feldspar minerals in igneous rocks can weather into clay minerals.

What minerals are found in mafic rocks?

mafic rocks can be made up of orthoclase feldspar and quartz

Who discovered FELDSPAR?

Feldspar is a common mineral that makes up over 60 percent of the Earth's crust. Feldspar was first found and worn as jewelry by people in Sri Lanka.

How do you identify types of igneous rocks?

Igneous rocks are identified by first looking at the color index. Felsic igneous rocks contain mostly potassium feldspar. Intermediate igneous rocks contain mostly plagioclase feldspar. Mafic igneous rocks contain pyroxene, olivine, and plagioclase feldspar. Ultra mafic igneous rocks contain mostly olivine. Then igneous rocks are identified based on texture. For example, the texture of igneous rocks can be aphanitic, pegmatitic, phaneritic, glassy, vesicular, etc.

What minerals are found in felsic igneous rocks?

orthoclase feldspar and quartz

Name two rocks from the intermediate family?

plagioclase feldspar & hornblende

Most silicate rocks on earths surface are?

Quartz, feldspar or mica

What minerals are found in sandstone rocks?

chiefly quartz,and usually feldspar

What are the two most common minerals in detrital sedimentry rocks?

Just a guess--quartz and feldspar. Feldspar might be replaced with clay minerals.

What are the most common minerals found in mature sedimentary rocks?

Mica and feldspar are usually found in sedimentary rocks

How does arkose form?

Arkose is formed from the weathering of feldspar-rich igneous metamorphic granitic rocks. They are usually composed of quartz and feldspar called 'grus'.

What is feldspar used for today?

Feldspar is a mineral, commonly found in nature in the form of rocks. It is used to make tiles for the home and plates which you eat off of.

Do Igneous rocks that are composed primarily of quartz and feldspar have a granitic composition?


Rocks that contain dark silicate minerals and plagioclase feldspar have?

Intrusive crystal

What kind of weathering do acids and oxygen cause?

It reacts with The minerals in The rocks, such as in feldspar.

How are mafic and felsic rocks different?

Felsic rocks are high in silicon (Si) and low in magnesium (Mg) and in iron (Fe). Gradation in feldspar causes felsic rocks to be richer in potassium (K). Mafic rocks are high in magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe) and low in silicon (Si). Gradation in feldspar causes magic rocks to be richer in calcium (Ca)

What are the names of the intrusive igneous rocks?

On type of extrusive igneous rock is granite and feldspar