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The proton was discovered in 1918 by Ernest Rutherford. He noticed that when alpha particles were shot into nitrogen gas, his scintillation detectors showed the signatures of hydrogen nuclei. Rutherford determined that the only place this hydrogen could have come from was the nitrogen, and therefore nitrogen must contain hydrogen nuclei. He thus suggested that the hydrogen nucleus, which was known to have an atomic number of 1, was an elementary particle. This he named proton, from protos, the Greek for "first".

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Discovery of the ProtonIn the early 1920's after the discovery of the electron, Rutherford and other physicists made a number experiments, transmuting one atom into another. In every case, hydrogen nuclei were emitted in the process. It was apparent that the hydrogen nucleus played a fundamental role in atomic structure, and by the late 1920's physicists were regularly referring to hydrogen nuclei as 'protons'. The term proton itself seems to have been coined by Rutherford, and first appears in print in 1920.

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Q: Who discovered the proton and when?
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Who discovered atom proton?

Goldstein discovered the atom proton

Who discovered the proton of mass?

The proton was discovered by James Chadwick in 1932.

Who discovered proton and neuton?

Proton was discovered by Sir Ernest Rutherford. Neutron was discovered by James Chadwick.

Who discovered the subatomic particles of proton?

The proton was discovered by Ernest Rutherford in 1917-1919.

What is the history of a proton?

It is discovered by rotherford. He discovered it in year 1919.

Which was discovered first proton or electron in which year and by whom?

the electron was first discovered in 1897 by Joseph john Thomson and the proton was discovered in 1913 by ernest Rutherford

Who discover the proton?

Rutherford discovered the proton in 1911 while experimenting with nitrogen.

Who discovered the proton and how did he discover it?


Who discovered PROTON?

Who and how did the subatomic particles get discovered for electrons, protons and neutrons?

Which was discovered first the proton electron or neutron?

electron was discovered first

Who discovered that atoms had electrons proton and neutron?

Proton was discovered by E. Rutherford in 1917. Electron was discovered by J. J. Thompson in 1897. Neutron was discovered by J. Chadwick in 1932. All were of English origin.

Who had discovered a proton?

Ernest Rutherford in 1918.

Who discovered that the proton had a positive charge?


Who discovered the existence of proton?

Ernest Rutherford

What component of atoms was discovered by Rutherford?

Ernest Rutherford discovered the nucleus and the proton.

Who discovered the proton in a nucleus of an atom?

The scientist that discovered protons is not certain, but Ernest Rutherford discovered the nucleus of an atom in 1911 after J.J. Thompson discovered the electron in 1897. Rutherford is generally given the credit for discovering the proton.

Who invented the protons?

God did. You mean "Who discovered the proton." Ernest Rutherford is credited for the discovery of the proton.

Who discover the particles of the Atom?

Answered by Bushra wali.The particles of the atom that is ;Electron,Proton,neutron are not discovered by the same person but they are discovered by different person. Discoverer of Electron.The electron which carry a negative charge is discovered by Joseph Jhon Thomson.Discoverer of Proton and Neutron'The proton is discovered by Rutherford where as neutron is discover by chadwick.

Who was the inventor of proton Rutherford or Goldstein?

Neither of them. No one invented the proton. It was always there, someone just discovered it.

What was the first discovered subatomic particle?

This particle was the proton.

Who discovered proton Rutherford or Gold stein?


When was Rutherford discovered the proton?

yes by a golden plate

Who discovered proton - Rutherford or goldstein?

actually anode rays are discovered by gold steen,and rutherford gave the name proton for we say those two answers.

Who discovered the three subatomic particles?

Proton discovered by Ernest Rutherford Neutron discovered by James Chadwick Electron discovered by J. J. Thomson

Who discovered protons?

Ernest Rutherford is credited with the discovery of the proton.