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No one, as it can't.

They are developing an automobile that runs on water. It separates the hydrogen from the oxygen. The hydrogen burns.

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When was gasoline first discovered?

it was discovered in the late 1890

Will water float on gasoline?

No gasoline floats on water

What is heavier gasoline or water?

Water is "heavier" as the density of water is greater than the density of gasoline thus gasoline will float on water.

Causes of water pollution in the US?

Oil, Gasoline, Sewage,pesticides, etc.

What makes gasoline heavier than water?

Water is heavier than Gasoline. Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon, Gasoline weighs 6.15 pounds per gallon. Water is denser than gasoline. Gasoline floats on water.

Is water or gasoline more dense?

water is denser than gasoline

Does gasoline dissolve in water?

No. Gasoline is an oil product and does not mix with water.

Why is hexane soluble in water and gasoline is not?

Hexane and gasoline both are insoluble in water.

Is water and gasoline homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Water and gasoline form a heterogeneous mixture

Why do cars work with gasoline and not water?

Because water is not a flammable substance and gasoline is.

Does water sink to the bottom of a gasoline tank?

Yes, because water is heavier then gasoline

Is water more dense than gasoline?

Yes, water is denser than gasoline.

Does gasoline contain water?

Gasoline with ethanol can contain water, but this is very unhealthy for a car's fuel tank. Normally, regular gasoline separates from water similar to how water and oil don't mix.

Gasoline is not solubal in water because gasoline is?

Gasoline is hydrophobic because the molecules are non-polar. Only polar molecules are soluble in water.

In what year was gasoline discovered?

Gasoline was not invented since it is a natural by-product of petroleum. It is produced through the distillation of crude petroleum.

Do the ZX gas stations sell US gasoline or foreign gasoline?

US gasoline. ZX, or Zephyr Express is a St. Louis based company. US owned and operated.

Does water float on top or gasoline?

gasoline floats on the top

Why does gasoline do not dissolve in water?

gasoline does not dissolve in water because is part of an oil product , and oil dose not mix with water.

Gasoline and water do not mix why?

i guess .... gasoline is a volatile material when it is mixed with water, the temperature of water would make it vaporize.

Why does gasoline float in water rather than mixing?

Gasoline can float on water because it has less density than water.

Who discovered gasoline when and where?

Thomas Oh Hardy. He was a Colonists in the late 1890.

Do water and gasoline weigh the same?

Yes and no. If you have 1 kg of gasoline and 1 kg of water, they weigh the same since they are both 1 kg. Now if you have the same volume of water and gasoline their weights would be different since gasoline is less dense than water.

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