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Q: Who discovered the yellow bass?
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Who discovered the twelve apostles?

George Bass discovered the 12 apostles in January 1798

What class is Bass in?

The largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass are actually sunfish. The true basses are the white bass, striped bass, and yellow bass, and white perch, of the Morone group.

What do yellow bass eat?

they eat small vegetation

What is a barfish?

A barfish is any of various types of fish, including a yellow bass, a white bass, or black crappie.

Who discovered that the cause of yellow fever was a virus carried by a mosquito?

Walter Reed discovered that yellow fever was a virus caused by a mosquito.

When were yellow spotted lizards discovered?


Who discovered yellow fever?

Walter Reed

How do you catch big bass?

Hey to catch bass I use a yellow grasshopper lure or you can use any live bait.

How far is south bass island to yellow springs?

7 miles

what instruments are used in the song yellow by coldplay?

guitar ,drums and bass

What were George Bass's exact words when he discovered Australia?

George Bass did not discover Australia. Please see the related question below.

When was the bass guitar discovered?

It was invented in 1935, however, it wasn't discovered by musicians until the 1950s when Fender started making them.

What is the class of a bass fish?

The true basses, striped, white, and white perch and yellow bass, are in the family Morone. Largemouth and smallmouth and their allies are sunfish. There are several types of bass.

Who discovered the vaccine for yellow fever?

max theiler

How was yellow fever discovered by Walter reed?


What Country discovered Yellow Topaz?

it was discovered in the early 1700's in Germany. It is the November birthstone.

Can you eat white bass?

Yes. All of the Morone family of true bass are good eating. The striper, yellow, and white perch as well.

Does a large mouth bass eat a yellow perch?

Yes. They eat many species of smaller fishes, including the yellow perch.

What is the difference between white bass and black bass?

The white bass is a member of the Morone family, with stripers and yellow bass and white perch. The black bass includes largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, and redeye bass, which are sunfish, white bass are open water schooling fish, while black bass are structure orientated fish, ambush hunters. There is also a black sea bass, which is no relation to freshwater bass.

When did Walter reed discovered?

When did he discovered? Do you mean what? He discovered Yellow Fever was transmitted by mosquitoes. And if you mean when did he discover it, then the answer you are looking for is he led a research team that discovered this in 1900.

What type is a striped bass?

The striped bass is a member of the Morone, or true bass family. Others are the white bass, white perch, and yellow bass. The striped bass is unique in it runs rivers from the sea to spawn, and, can live in freshwater, where it is often stocked in large impoundments. Also known as: Striper Rockfish

When was the cause of Yellow Fever discovered in Cuba?

The cause of Yellow Fever was discovered in Cuba in 1900by Walter Reed and a team of scientists.--Joshua Ballance, grade 7

Are stiped bass fish the same as sea bass fish?

Although striped bass are ocean fish, that can live in freshwater, and are stocked there, they are not related closely to the sea basses. Stripers are related to the Morone family of fish, including the white bass, yellow bass, and white perch.

When were red and yellow ochre discovered?

they were made in the 19th century

When was yellow fever first discovered?

humans didnt have writen records when yellow fever was first dicovered