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Theoretically, peasants worked for themselves, using the funds from sales of agricultural to pay rent to landowners. In essence, they could be considered an early form of the "share-cropper." Peasants were, in a broader sense of the word, sometimes defined as being anyone not of noble blood and so were "ruled" by the nobility.

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Q: Who do peasants work for?
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Shelter for peasants?

What work did the peasants do in medieval times

What work did Japanese peasants do?


What duties did peasants have to the pharaoh?

peasants were to work the land for the king.

Did the Queens in the Medieval ages do work like peasants did?

Never. That is what peasants were for.

Who did middle age peasants work for?

Peasants worked for knights, who worked for lords.

How long did medieval peasants work for?

Medieval peasants worked all day.

Why were peasants important?

Most of the people are or were peasants. Peasants do the work, maintain the population, fight the wars and keep the economy running.

How were the lives of male and female peasants different?

the male peasants had to do more work than the female because the had to do other work

What was the affect of the black death?

there were less peasants to work on the nobles land so the peasants refused to work unless they got payed more. So the nobles had to pay the peasants more until the King made a rule that the peasants couldn't get payed more than they had before. This caused the peasants revolt. I think?

How long did peasants work?

11 o'clock

How did the economic system of manorialism work and how did it affect peasants and nobles?

The nobles told the peasants what to do, gained all the income off their work, and taxed them for everything.

What job did the peasants do?

The main job of the peasants was work the land of the lord and serve as his soldiers in time of war.

Who did medieval peasants spend there free time with?

They were peasants. They didn't have free time. All they had time to do was work.

What kinds of work did peasants do on the manor?

The peasants had to get food, farm, and support the Lord / Noble by paying taxes.

Why did peasants go on Crusades?

escape hard work

What are peasants life like?

they did most of the work [to me] and were poor

What are the duties of a peasant?

peasants were to work the land for the king

How long did the medieval peasants work for?

Their entire lives.

Who did all the work in Ancient Egypt?

The peasants and the slaves

How did peasants support there family?

they farmed and did work for their lord

Who did medieval ladies work for?

If they were peasants they worked for a lord

Why are peasants important?

Peasants were so important ,because they worked the fields and did all of the "dirty work". Depending on the time period, the peasants planted plants.They also grew crops, and saved them for their families. The peasants sold the crops to the other peasants and other society members.

In what way(s) did the Hongwu Emperor work to improve the lives of Chinese peasants?

In what way(s) did the Hongwu Emperor work to improve the lives of Chinese peasants?

Where did Joseph Stalin force Russian peasants to work?

Stalin forced peasant farmers to work on "collectives." These were large farms in which many peasants had no individual ownership interest but were forced to work together to raise crops for the state rather than for themselves. Some peasants who were a little more well off than other peasants were called kulaks. Stalin sent as many kulaks as he could to concentration and work camps.

What are the differences in the daily lives and responsibilities of lords ladies knights and peasants?

Lords had to watch over the peasants, ladies had to cook and clean, knights had to protect the lords and peasants had to work for the lords.