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Tax lien will show paid--it won't be removed unless it was there in error or you have gone to court and had a judge state that it has to be removed.

AnswerWhen a tax lien is removed because it's paid, the credit agency that reported it can be advised. Go to your local IRS office with the information and they can notify the credit bureau that has reported the lien on you. This happened to me once and the IRS updated the lien information with the credit bureau. I did all this person-to-person, it worked better than the telephone.


Anything on your credit report can be disputed at anytime. It all depends on whether it gets verified or not on whether it comes off or not.

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Q: Who do you contact first to remove a tax lien from a credit report?
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How do you clear you credit report from open and end accounts over the statute of limitations?

First you have to pay off your loans in cash if you want to quickly remove your credit report first. Besides this you may contact a good credit repair company.

How do you remove an unpaid judgment more than 7 years old from your credit report?

first you can try to contact the credit bureu equifax or the other ones, or go online to he may have the complete answers.

How do you remove a judgment caused by a billing error from your credit report?

First, make sure the creditor has fixed the error on their end. Second, contact all 3 credit bureaus and request a form for mistakes. File with all 3 companies. You can get your free credit report and info on fixing errors at

How can you clear your credit report quickly?

I had to clean up my credit report several years ago and it took a lot a work but was able to buy a house and now have financing through my bank. You will need to have the cash to pay off loans if you want to quickly remove them from your credit report. First contact the creditor and ask if you were to pay off the balance would they take it off your credit report. If they agree to first get a letter from them stating so before you give them any money. It still will take several months to clear off your report. Hope this helps.

How do I correct errors on my credit report?

The first thing you should do is to contact each of the 3 credit bureaus. They can help you correct any errors that you have on your reports.

Where can one go to find a really free credit report?

The most popular place to get a free credit report is on the free credit report website. The site itself does ask for a credit card, but the first report is free.

Can a collection agency report a debt without contacting you first and claim to not have your current address on file?

I have no answer, but want to know how to get the collection agency to remove a false report from my credit rating. They called once and never sent anything in writing, however have posted to my credit report.

What was the first free credit report dot com song?

The first song of the free credit report dot com is "New BJ"

How can you remove items on your credit report that has already been paid?

first dispute the paid items. If they are paid then they should be removed with this step..

What do you do if someone gets a hold of your credit card number?

First thing you do is call the card 1-800 number listed for that card and report a lost card. They will cancel the card and issue you a new one. Next, you contact the police and get a report and finally you order a credit report to make sure that there isn't more to this.

How do you remove adverse accounts from your credit report?

The first thing to do is to report any dispute you have on your report. The Bureau will evaluate and when proven the correction should be made, then they will correct it. However, the removal is not instant. It will take sometime before it gets totally eradicated.

Where can I get a free online credit report? is the first choice for viewing your credit report. Another very solid website is, as this site also offers a credit score.

How do you remove Collections from credit reports?

Good question. There are a few tactics to remove collections from your credit report; First, is the debt paid off? If so, the option I would suggest is to write a dispute letter to that specific credit bureau. If the debt has not been paid yet, typically, you can negotiate with the creditor to remove the collection account from your credit report if you pay the debt (WARNING!!! make sure this is stated in writing before you send any money).

Your credit score is 563 and you just paid off 4 collection charges on your credit report how will that effect your credit score?

Not much other than having the collection marked from unpaid to paid. If you are paying off credit collection companies, negotiate to get a letter from them telling you that the amount you are paying is the balance as agreed and that they will remove it from your credit report. Do not pay until you get that letter. If you pay without doing that, it will stay on your credit report for about 3 years depending on when the collection was first put on your credit report. The fact that you paid it already just says on your credit report that instead of unpaid the collection is marked as paid. If you already paid either repair your credit or get a reputable firm in the BBB who has a money-back guaranteed policy.

You have 14000 dollars in medical bills on your credit report from a hospital that told you i was to get free care and now its 4 years later and you dont know what to do?

Any records on your credit report that you diuspute can be taken up with the dispute departments of the three credit reporting bureaus...Experian, Equifax and Transunion. It would also be a wise idea to contact the hospital's customer service department and try to resolve the matter through them first...then contact the credit reporting agencies if not resolved.

What is the benefit of a good credit report when applying for a Capital One credit card?

A good credit report means that one who applies for a Capital One credit card can get a better deal. First, with a good credit report one can get an unsecured card instead of a secured card. Depending on how good one's credit report is one can get better features, lower interest, and maybe even a platinum card.

What is an anthem report?

An Anthem Report is a instant, merged credit report on a borrower who has a thin or no credit file, the Anthem Report first utilizes any available bureau data as a baseline. It then supplements any bureau data with non-traditional credit data, such as rent payments, utility bills and phone bills. The result is a fully compliant nontraditional credit report that is accepted wherever alternative credit data is honored.

Know Your Credit Score When Applying for a Mortgage?

Knowing your credit report credit score is the first step in securing a mortgage. When you are looking to buy your home, having a current, up-to-date copy of your credit report is essential in securing the best rates. By reviewing your credit report prior to applying for a mortgage, you will be prepared to clear up any past debts or errors on your credit report that could prevent you from getting a mortgage loan. Your loan officer will request a copy of your credit report credit score, so don't be taken by surprise when it comes time to apply for your loan.

What were three of Hamilton's suggestions in his financial program?

Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of Treasurer in the United States. What is referred to as Hamilton's financial program is actually three separate reports known as the first report on public credit, the second report on public credit, and the report on manufacturers.

Whom do I contact if I suspect credit card identity theft?

The first thing you need to do is to contact the credit card company. After that, notify the authorities. Good luck!

If a second collection agency takes over a unpaid debt can they have that collection put on your report?

Yes the second collection will be placed on the credit report. But they will remove the first collection agency off the report. In some states it is against the law to be double billed by two collection agency for the same debt.

Can you sue a creditor for not updateing my credit report after a payment was received?

Creditors update credit reports on their schedule, some update every month, others update every other or every third month. If you are in a hurry, contact the credit bureaus and have them contact the creditor themselves. You can sue a creditor, but you have to try contacting the creditor first (via mail), then file a complaint with the FTC, then contact the credit bureaus. If the account still hasn't been updated, you can go ahead and sue the creditor.

What are your charges for stealing a credit card?

If some one stole your credit card the credit card owner can report the matter immediately and have to block his (her) account first.

Is there a way to get a repossession out your credit?

Information only comes off the credit report when the original creditor who reported the information requests the credit bureau to remove it, or if the credit bureau removes it after they have made the attempt to contact the creditor to request them to remove it and the creditor fails to respond. If the creditor cannot be located which is another way they may fail to respond, the credit bureau may remove it after a period of time. In all cases, you the consumer must initiate the process to contest the information in writing. Because the credit bureau customers are the creditors and not you, the credit bureau will only make changes when their customers (the creditors) ask them to. The creditors all pay annual fees to the credit bureaus to be a member and have the ability to put payment history information into your credit file. That's why the consumer must contest the information, then force the credit bureaus to validate and confirm the information with their customer first, then take the appropriate action once they get a response or fail to get a response.

Filed for bankruptcy 8yrs ago and not credit card since should I get credit card now to esatablish credit score and how long will it take to build this up to be able to remove bankruptcy from credit?

Normally the bankruptcy will remain on your report for 10yrs. The longer it is on your report the less impact it has on your score, although still an eye soar to potential creditors. I would recommend establishing one or two cards to build up your credit. Orchard Bank and First Premier are two of the easiest approval cards. Also, I would recommend establishing a secured loan with a small credit union that report to the 3 credit agencies. On the credit card(s) try to keep the balances below 35% if the credit line. A good credit score is also based on various types of credit, not just revolving credit (Credit Cards).