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I think John Cena and Trish would make a better couple because they were both great champions ( John Cena as WWE Champion and Trish as Women's champion) they both have great voices, they are both HOT and popular, and both are DEFINITELY good looking :) Which makes them compatible for each other... July 31, 2008 Just because they are both Hot and papular and good looking, doesn't mean they are compatible for each other!!! And since Trish is married to her high school sweetheart this question really doesn't apply. Ok first off, trish said in her interview a couple of weeks ago on dirict tv she wasnt intrsted in anyone in WWE. She isnit married shes single but shes happy! So stop stessin her and let the girl live1 NO BECAUSE TRISH IS SUCKING ON MY **** RIGHT NOW

2009-08-15 03:47:34
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Who do you think makes a better couple Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus or Carlito and Trish Stratus?

trish has slep with every guy in wwe so it is.......................................................................................................................... trish and chris Jericho

Is Trish Stratus better than Mickie James?

Yes. Trish Stratus i sway better than Mickie James!

What nicknames does Trish Stratus go by?

Trish Stratus goes by Trish Stratus.

Is trish stratus ticklish?

Trish Stratus is very ticklish.

Trish stratus email address?

Trish stratus email address

Is carlito colon gay?

No Sure He Went Out With Torrie Wilson & Trish Stratus July 31, 2008 In real life he did not date either one Torrie or Trish it was for storyline pruposes only. And no he is not gay

Has hhh ever dated trish stratus?

No but Jeff Hardy did. they made a great couple

Did The Undertaker kissed Trish Stratus?

yes the undertaker has kissed trish stratus

When was Trish Stratus born?

Trish Stratus was born on December 18, 1975.

Is there a Trish Stratus home video?

Trish Stratus-100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed

Was trish stratus in tna?

Trish Stratus was exclusive to WWE her entire career.

How tall is Trish Stratus?

Trish Stratus is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Did batista and trish stratus date?

Yes they did because they have pics together. They make a good couple!

Are Lita and Trish Stratus really friends?

yes trish stratus & lita are good friends

Did john cena and trish stratus have a baby?

yes john cena and trish stratus had a baby

What is Trish Stratus email?


Trish Stratus full name?

trish staratiegies

Is trish stratus a bisexual?

Trish Stratus is best known for being a professional wrestling personality. Trish has never confirmed her sexuality to her audience.

Is trish stratus hot?

Is Trish Stratus hot man she is a godess.Look at pictures at her now shes beatiful.

Did john cena break up with trish stratus or trish stratus broke up with him?

they never dated

Does trish stratus let kids at the stratusphere?

Yes Trish Stratus does let kids into Stratusphere Yoga.

Did trish stratus ever get plastic surgery?

it looked like she did Trish Stratus never had Plasitic Surgery

Who would win in a fight Maryce or Trish Stratus?

Trish Trish Stratus would win. If you have a different opinion please discuss it in the discussion section.

Does Trish Stratus have any children?

No Trish does not have any kids.

Is trish stratus dead?

No trish is still alive and is not dead