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You start by contacting your local bishop. However, please remember that you must first be dead.

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To be considered for sainthood in the Catholic Church, a person must be nominated by their local bishop, and their case is then reviewed by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome. If the congregation finds evidence of heroic virtue or martyrdom, the candidate may be declared "Venerable" and undergo further scrutiny before potential beatification and canonization.

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Q: Who do you write to for sainthood?
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What is another word for sainthood?

Another word for sainthood is Canonised; Thanks

When was Sainthood - album - created?

Sainthood - album - was created on 2009-10-27.

What were Saint Patrick's reasons for losing sainthood?

St. Patrick did not lose his sainthood.

What is the difference between sainthood and canonization?

Canonization is the Church's process of investigating a candidate to raise them to sainthood.

What actions in Saint Thomas More's life qualified him for sainthood?

The martyrdom of Thomas was sufficient to qualify him for sainthood.

What is hagiomania?

It is the mania for sainthood.

What does sainthood mean?

Sainthood is a noun used when referring to the saints collectively, or when referring to the status and dignity of a particular saint.

Was Jacques Marquette ever considered for sainthood?

As far as I can determine he has not been considered for sainthood and no cause has been opened.

What was Saint Dorothy's reason for sainthood?

St. Dorothy died a martyr's death which the early Christians considered as automatic sainthood.

What is an abstract noun for Saint?

The abstract noun for the term saint (a person) would be sainthood.

Who determines sainthood?

The Cardinals and the Pope

Does confirmation complete sainthood?

No, it completes Baptism.