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Who does Gaara end up with?


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January 13, 2009 9:14PM

I KNOW it's not Temari. Cuz they're siblings. It's most likely not Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tayuya, Tenten, or Lady Tsunade. Maybe it will be Matsuri... Matsuri is in Shippuden as another sand ninja. BUT THEY'RE NOT SIBLINGS! Kankuro, Temari, and Gaara are siblings. There is also the possibility it could be no one. Gaara ends up Kazekage and who knows wat else could happen... Masashi Kishimoto will PROBABLY not let Gaara have anyone. Gaara is selfish and mean. But in Shippuden he is friendly and generous. All because of Naruto. "The village's next hokage." ^_^