Who is older temarie or Gaara?

Updated: 10/24/2023
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Temari is oldest, then Kankuro, then Gaara

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Temari is older than Gaara.

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Q: Who is older temarie or Gaara?
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Who is in kakuro's family?

His younger borther, Gaara, and his older sister, Temari.

Will Gaara ever love someone or will ever some one else love Gaara?

I guess Gaara won't really fall in love. Maybe when he is older. And you know that Matsuri and Sari from the sand village fangirl over him.

Which episode does shino appears?

Yes, Gaara, Temari and Kankuro are all brothers and sisters. they are called the sand siblings :3 Temari is the oldest, gaara is the youngest, kankuro is younger then temari and older then gaara.

How many people like Gaara?

Early on, not so many people liked Gaara. As he got older, he changed a good deal. He became loved and respected by the majority of his village.

How I can unwlock the Gaara and older players pasports in the game Naruto usumakie chronicles 2 from PS2?

Yes you can

Why did Yashamaru attack Gaara?

The truth is he hated Gaara because Gaara's sealing process with the Shukaku made Yashamaru's older sister Karura die. When Gaara's own father (Fourth Kazekage) asked Yashamaru to kill Gaara, Yashamaru accepted to avenge his sister. His assasination failed, and costed him his life. (Yashamaru used paper bombs wrapped around his body and Gaara survived using his sand.) Yashamaru told Gaara right before his death to please die. Because of this experience, Gaara became more of an emotional wreck and would kill anyone to prove his existence. He got over this after Naruto defeated him since Naruto had experienced the very same pain Gaara experienced through life.

Who is older Gaara or Naruto?

Okay I'll tell you how old both of them are Gaara is 14 in Shippuden his birthday is January 19th 1995 Naruto is 15 birthday is October 10th 1994 I hope I answered your question

Who is stonger Gaara or Mewtwo?


What is Gaara's surname Not Sabaku no Gaara?

It is unknown. Sabaku no Gaara is his only name we know of. His surname isn't revealed. I don't think Gaara has another name besides Sabaku No Gaara but that's just my opinion. Yes, Gaara has no last name. Neither does Kankuro or Temari, seeing as they are brothers and sister. I do not believe TenTen has a last name either. Gaara only goes by Sabaku no Gaara, meaning Gaara of the Desert or Gaara of the Sand. Many people (now) call him Gaara-sama when he is Kazekage.

Who is stronger garra or Shikamaru?

Ninjutsu: Gaara Taijutsu: same Genjutsu: gaara smartness: shikamaru speed: gaara stamina: gaara So basically Gaara would thrash shikamaru in a fight.

Is Naruto older than Gaara?

Gaara is. He was born on January 19 and was 12 when he was 1st introduced. Naruto was born on October 1oth and was also 12 when he was introduced. If you want to now about characters here's a website that is fantastic.

When was Gaara created?

Gaara was created in 2000.