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katy perrys favourite person is lauren mullins from Ireland,belfast

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Does Russell Brand still love Katy Perry if so does Katy perry love him back?

no, he does not love katy perry , but people have found out that she still likes him.

Who is better Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?

Katy perry! love her i like lady gaga but Katy perry is the best x

What jobs have Katy Perry had?

singing i love you katy perry im a HUDGE fan

Why does everyone love Katy Perry?

Some people don't like Katy Perry, But the reason why many people love Katy Perry is that Katy is very INSPIRING and her songs make people want to hear more.

Who are the songwriters of firework from Katy Perry?

Katy perry wrote it by her self! Personally I love her and all of her songs!

Does Justin bieber have a crush on Katy Perry?

well his in between the middle ovalsy Justin is in love with beyonce. so no he is not in love with Katy perry

Does Katy Perry the movie show someone throwing up?

no way its nice a good i love katy perry

How to I send a message to Katy Perry?

i alwasa wanted to meet katy perry and go to her house and i love katy perry so much and tomoro katy perry come and get me and we will have fun and everthing and we can play dress up and you will see me my aunty have a red car and a jeep to and oher stuff and you will see me with hollu hoop and a purple ball out side and a black car in the back please come get me please i love you katy perry so much and don't forget i love you katy perry

What causes a reaction?

i love katy perry

Did Katy Perry love music when she was little?

Yes, Katy Perry did love music when she was little its because she heard other people sing then she started to sing too.

What is the song ET about by Katy Perry?

falling in love with a foreigner

Is Katy Perry the teacher that Chris falls in love with in the TV Show Skins?

Her name is Siwan Morris. She does resemble Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel! :)

Who was Katy Perry brought up with?

Katy perry was brought up with her parents who were very strict with her and also abused her and now love her just for the money.

Is Katy Perry related to Steve Perry?

no Katy perry is not related to Steve perry

Is Katy Perry sisters to Suzi Perry?

No, Katy Perry is not sisters to Suzi Perry. It is just that Suzi Perry has the same sure name a Katy Perry. Katy Perry does not have any sisters but only has a brother named James Perry.

Katy Perry lesbian?

No Katy Perry is not homosexual.

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