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Who does Miley Cyrus think is cute?

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Ryan O'Hara race car driver out of RFR Racing.

2008-05-27 04:46:55
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Q: Who does Miley Cyrus think is cute?
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Is Miley Cyrus trying to be cutte?

Miley Cyrus is cute

Who is cuter Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus?

i like Miley she has a cute style she's really funny & cute

Is Justin Bieber cute with Miley Cyrus?

yes and no he is cute with me though heha

Who is better looking Miley Cyrus or britney spears?

What do you think? I think Miley Cyrus =)

Does Miley Cyrus like guinea pigs?

Miley Cyrus LOVES guinea pigs, "They are so cute," she told me when i met her.

Is nick Jones cheating on Miley Cyrus?

I think that he is cheating on Miley Cyrus. Do you think he is cheating on her?

Is Miley Cyrus down to earth?

yes Miley Cyrus is down to earth because she has a cute smile also she has a great personalty :)

Do you like Miley Cyrus or no?

I love miley cyrus. i think she is a great singer

Who is more famous george lucas or Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus, I think !

Who is the most beautiful teen?

Mostly till now i think Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez they are both cute 2gether but i think miley is more and i have her email her email is

What does Miley Cyrus think of Mariah Carey?

I think miley is jealous

Where is Miley Cyrus's mother?

I think Tish Cyrus is the mother of Miley Cyrus(I am not sure).

Does Miley Cyrus like animals?

Of course! I think Miley Cyrus adours animals.

When Miley Cyrus come to Romania?

I think Miley Cyrus will come to Romania in automn.

Does Miley Cyrus show her naked body?

NO Miley Cyrus never did "DON'T THINK THAT"

What did Miley Cyrus say to Michael Jackson?

That He Was An Inspiration x Cute

What is Miley Cyrus small dogs name?

Sophie. she is sooooooooooo cute!

Who is more cute Selena gomez or Miley Cyrus?

Selena Gomez

Do Miley Cyrus have a cute boyfriend?

mileys boyfriend is Justin gayston

What is Miley Cyrus boyfreands name?

Jamie hes totally cute!!

How many identities does Miley Cyrus have?

I think she has 3 as she has Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus (Obviously). =)

Do you think Trace Cyrus is cute?

cute???? i think hes hot

Do Miley Cyrus have a PSP?

I really don't think that Miley Cyrus has a psp (i don't think she has much time to play)

Who sang 7 thing?

Miley Cyrus i think Miley Cyrus sang 7 things

How old has Miley Cyrus?

I think Miley Cyrus have 18 years old,but im not sure