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Q: Who does Rames say is his father?
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What is the ISBN of N'Heures Souris Rames?

The ISBN of N'Heures Souris Rames is 0517540819.

How did Rames III die?

Rames III was murdered by one of minor wives Tiye.

Where did King Rames the second rule?

I think King Rames the second ruled in Ancient Egypt!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Who was the pharaoh after Tutankhamun?

rames I

How do you say row boat in french?

un canot, un esquif, un bâteau à rames, une plate

How do you get the rames in Lego racers 2?

What pharaoh was in power in 1441 BC?

I would say Rames II. If this date is the date supposed to be the exodus out of Egypt by Moses then Ramses II is a logical answer.

How old was Rames II when he reigned?

Ramses was 19

Where did rames ii live when he lived?

Tenochtitlan Mexicohe

Who was King Tutankhamun's friends?

Hours Rames 2

Who was hatshepsuts newhew?

Thutmose the third not rames the third

Why is Rames the 2nd called Rames the great?

Ramses II was the longest Ruling Pharaoh!!! He built more temples, monuments than any other Egyptian Pharaoh.