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UNESCO says the world heritage sites belong to everyone.

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Q: Who does UNESCO world heritage sites belong to?
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Related questions

Who chooses world heritage sites?

UNESCO, chooses world heritage sites.

How many unesco sites does Croatia have?

There are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia.

Who preserves world heritage sites?


What are the two unesco world heritage sites in cambodia and in which year were these sites inscribed on the unesco world heritage list?

The 2 UNESCO world heritage sites in Cambodia are Angkor and the Temple of Preah Vihear. They were inscribed in 1992 and 2008, respectively.

What is UNESCO role in the relation protecting the world heritage site?

UNESCO protects and preserve the World Heritage sites.

Who conserves and preserves World Heritage Sites?


What are two UNESCO World Heritage sites in New Delhi?

Humayan's Tomb and Qutb Minar are two UNESCO World Heritage sites in New Delhi.

What year did the Pyramids at Giza become UNESCO world heritage sites?

The pyramids of Giza became UNESCO world heritage listed in 1979.

Who maintains the list for World Heritage Sites?

The list for World Heritage Sites is maintained by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Scientific Organization. It can be found on UNESCO's website.

How many world heritage sites are there in the world?

According to the UNESCO World Heritage site, there are 1073 properties in 2017.

Is the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa a World Heritage Site?

No, it is not on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Why are some sites called world heritage sites?

Because those sites are protected by UNESCO. The world heritage sites may not become lost, because of their rich history

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