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This is a quote from Pokemon Wikia about Bianca from Pokemon Heroes:

"After helping save Alto Mare, she ran to Ash, who was leaving, and kissed him and gave him a picture. However, it is unknown if it was either Latias in disguise or the real Bianca who really to kissed Ash, although it is most likely Latias who did it, because the Bianca who kissed him wasn't wearing a hat."

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Did dawn and ash kiss in Pokemon?

No, Dawn and Ash did not kiss in Pokemon.

Do Ash and Dawn kiss in Pokemon?

No, Ash and Dawn do not kiss.

When does ash and may kiss in Pokemon?

They do not kiss in the the TV Show "Pokemon".

Pokemon will dawn and ash kiss?

no! in Pokemon ash and dawn will not kiss. people have never kissed in Pokemon...but there is a chance they might hug. hope this helped!

Did Ash kiss May in Pokemon?

No, Ash hasn't kissed May in Pokémon. misty and ash kissed in Pokemon episode called a kiss under the mistletoe...... it's misty and not may

Do dawn and ash kiss on Pokemon?

Nope, Ash and Dawn do not kiss in any episode of Pokémon.

Did ash and dawn ever kiss in Pokemon?

No, Ash and Dawn did not kiss in any Pokémon episodes.

Will dawn and ash kiss?

Yes Dawn and Ash have kissed. Dawn and Ash are characters in the series, Pokemon. Pokemon was released in 1996.

On Pokemon does dawn kiss ash and if she does what episode?

I don't think Dawn will ever kiss Ash nor Ash will kiss Dawn. They're just friends that's all.

Does May kiss Ash in Pokemon?

No, May never kisses Ash in Pokémon.

Does Ash ever kiss anyone in Pokemon?

Nope but loads of girls kiss him.

Did chickoritt kiss ash on Pokemon?

yes it kiss him after he lets it join his team

Does Ash ever kiss Misty in Pokemon?

They Kiss in an Episode Called 'A Kiss Under The Mistletoe'

Which episodes of Pokemon does ash kiss someone?

Ash never kisses anyone. Pokemon is not a TV show with shipping.

Do ash and dawn ever kiss in pokemon?

unfortunately no

Does ash and dawn ever kiss in a Pokemon episode?


In Pokemon does ash kiss misty?

The only person has ever kissed in the Pokemon series is Serena and that is it, though ash and may did kiss once in an episode called A kiss under the mistletoe which got banned and was NA unaired in Japan and the US

Did ash kiss a girl in Pokemon?

Yes, in the Pokemon movie the power of one

Does ash ketchum and misty may dawn kiss in 1 episode of Pokemon?

misty does like ash but no one in Pokemon

Did ash and misty kiss in Pokemon the first movie?

NO! They don't kiss in the the first movie.

Did Pikachu kiss ash on Pokemon?

yes one the first day pikachu kiss/licks Ash after he save pikachu from a spearow attack

Do Ash and May kiss in the American version of Pokemon?


Did Ash and Misty kiss in any Pokemon episode?


Does ash on Pokemon kiss a girl?

Actually, no. A few girls kiss him. Not the other way around.

Where do you go to see A Kiss Under The Mistletoe in pokemon-Ash and May Kiss?


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