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He meets his crush Jane Forbes and Penn Webb

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Crash meets his neighbor Jane Forbes at the dance. Despite not initially getting along, Crash starts to develop feelings for Jane as they spend more time together.

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Q: Who does crash meet at the dance in the book crash?
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What chapter has the dance in crash by Jerry Spinelli?

The dance scene in the book "Crash" by Jerry Spinelli is in Chapter 11. This chapter illustrates a pivotal moment in the story where Crash and Penn's friendship evolves.

What are the release dates for Crash Dance - 2013?

Crash Dance - 2013 was released on: USA: 2013 (limited)

Will Spyro and crash meet again?


What type of book is the book Crash?

Crash by Jerry Spinelli is realistic-fiction.

Why does Crash dance with a sixth-grade student?

He wants to

What is the problem in the book crash?

The problem in the book, "Crash" is jealousy. It is the jealousy that Crash has for Penn because he has supportive parents that are always around for him.

What is Crashes' real name in the book Crash?

Crash's real name is John Coogan in the book "Crash" by Jerry Spinelli.

Who are the main characters in the book crash?

the main character is crash coogan

What time does the book crash happen in?

when crash was 7 years old

Who the main character in the book crash?

the main character is crash coogan

What is a simile from the book crash by Jerry spineli?


Is the book Crash by Jerry Spinelli a movie too?

No, the book "Crash" by Jerry Spinelli has not been made into a movie.