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Q: Who does it raku end up with in Nisekoi?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Nisekoi - 2014?

The cast of Nisekoi - 2014 includes: Kana Hanazawa as Kosaki Onodera Koki Uchiyama as Raku Ichijou

What is the white X in some anime characters hair for example Raku Ichijou from Nisekoi what is that X is it a ribbon or bow if it is where can I buy it or how do I make it Thank You So Much?

The white X is made up of two white clips that resemble an X.

Will there be Nisekoi Season 2?

Yes, its called Nisekoi: and the season has finished airing.

What are the ratings and certificates for Nisekoi - 2014?

Nisekoi - 2014 is rated/received certificates of: South Korea:15

What is candy or sugar raku?

Candy raku is a type of ceramic firing.BLAH

What has the author Christopher Tyler written?

Christopher Tyler has written: 'Raku' -- subject(s): Raku pottery

Where and when did the art of raku originate?

It seems it is generaly believed to have originated in Korea, however Japan is more famous for produceing the finest raku.

What is RAKU Pottery?

Lovely Raku Pottery Vase is ready for the market. Let’s see, where, this beautiful vase will find a new home. Raku Pottery is a fire technique of making ceramics products.

What is candy raku?

clay art images

How many raku does quran have?

523 Rakuh

What actors and actresses appeared in Raku Fire - 1977?

The cast of Raku Fire - 1977 includes: Eileen Atkins Leslie Carlson Trudy Young

What is the word 'comfortable' when translated from English to Japanese?

It is 'raku.'