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Who does not like Hitler?

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Most people don't like Hitler, only neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members like him.

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Hitler never had any children.

Hitler did not like the Jews. He pretty much didn't like anyone that was not like him. He was a very selfish man.

Cats That Look Like Hitler was created in 2006.

it was more like people did what they did because they thought that Hitler would like it.

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No, it is only racist if you have a moustache like Hitler because you admire him and you share his views. But just having a moustache like Hitler would not make you a racist.

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Adolph Hitler hated Jews because he did not like anyone that he thought might be like him. Hitler was known to be a Jew too.

Hitler, Hitler, Hitler. Hitler was responsible for everything counting on the holaucaust (if you spell it like that), the war and as a leader for the nazi party he was to obey that he would be responsible for the war and advancing it into victory.

It can be assumed that she did like him.

The related link below is a photo of Hitler as a baby.

No, Hitler was a human being just like everyone else.

Hitler wanted, like many dictators, to rule the world.

Hitler didn't like the catholics because he didn't think they were good enough for the Nazi's or the Germans

Hitler was always a bad person, no matter what you hear. He used to like to be with kids, until he turned 18. It was that year that Hitler got the idea to take over the world

There are no known public pictures of Klara Hitler. Klare is the mother of Adolf Hitler who was the leader of the Nazi army.

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