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KeKe Palmer But She Is Way To Old For Him So Still Today He Is Trying To Find His #1 Girl


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This is Prodigy from Mindless Behavior, I dont have a crush. The only crush I have is a celeberty That celeberty is KeKe Palmer. Thank You Stay Mindless 143 :D

No Prodigy from mindless behavior is not crosseyed

Prodigy real name from mindless behavior is grand

prodigy from mindless behavior stays philidelphia

How old is prodigy from mindless behavior

Yes Prodigy from Mindless Behavior has a 6 pack

if your asking where prodigy is from he is from Philadelphia he is the only one from mindless behavior not from California

Prodigy from Mindless Behaviour is 12.

ray ray,princeton,roc royal and prodigy, do not have no girlfriends

Jacob latimore is cute ,but noone is supposed to replace prodigy from mindless behavior.

Prodigy From Mindless Behavior is 16 years of age Born December 26, 1996

Yes, Prodigy did leave the group Mindless Behavior in November 2013.

Prodigy is the leader of mindless behavior.

No its not a mindless behavior,but is it a form of his growth of his mind.

yes prodigy is the oldest in mindless behavior

prodigy from mindless behavior WILL go out with you all you have to do is be mindless not bad mindless well let me just explain it to you mindless behaviors mindless means a movement if you have swag your mindless if you get good grades in school your mindless and if you your self your mindless all prodigy looks for in a girl is her being pretty and mindless so if your pretty and mindless and live in los angles California then your very lucky you might have a chance with prodigy from mindless behavior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rayray crush is willow smith,princeton crush is sadessica burton,roc royal crush is imani hakim,and prodigy crush is keke palmer

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