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Who is the goddess of reason?

there were no goddess of reason.......

What are the two reason the medical term digits used?

The medical term "digits" can refer to fingers or to toes.

Which goddess had a good reason to be jealous?

Hera, wife of Zeus, was the goddess who had a good reason to be jealous

To what does the term coed refer?

to what does the term coed refer

What Goddess was Anthia?

Anthia is the greek goddess of reason and inteligence.

What goddess is associated with the mind and reason?

That would be Athena, goddess of wisdom.

Who is the goddess of arts and conquest of the Greeks?

Athena. She is the goddess of wisdome, arts, warfare, and reason.

Minerva is the Goddess of?

Minerva/ Athena , is the goddess of wisdom, art, war and reason.

Who is the Goddess of reason in ancient Greek mythology?

There are two goddesses that might be called the "goddess of reason:" Metis and Athene. There is a slight difference between the two. Metis is the Titan of wisdom and knowledge. Athene is the goddess of intelligence.

What term is used to refer to the requesting of information from a database?


What does the term extraterrestrial refer to?

The term extraterrestrial can be adjective or noun. In adjective case, the term extraterrestrial refer occurring or existing beyond the earth's atmosphere. In noun case, the term extraterrestrial refer being from the beyond the earth's atmosphere.

Is the bast the same as the name bastet?

Yes; both refer to the same goddess.

Why is Athena goddess of wisdom?

Athena was the goddess of wisdom, reason, and literature. She is called the goddess of wisdom because of her brilliant inventions that helped many gods.

Was Athena the Greek goddess of corn?

Athena/Athene is the goddess of wisdom, craftsmanship, strategy in battle, and reason. Demeter is the goddess of grain, agriculture, fertility and the like.

Who the most powerful god and goddess?

The most powerful god and goddess is: God - Zeus Reason: he is the god of storms and every god/goddess Goddess - Hera Reason: She married Zeus, which meant that she was the god of gods/goddesses Possible answers: God - Neptune (first god) Goddess - Nyx... Even Zeus would dare not fight her Nyx was the eldest goddess

What term does one use to refer to a dead US president?

I can not think of any special term . Sometimes the term "dead presidents' is used to refer to money.

What does the term implantation symptoms refer to?

The term implantation symptoms refer to a sign in which a woman can determine whether or not she is pregnant. This term refers to the egg implanting itself.

Why is the word monkey used in money?

The word "monkey" has been used as a slang term to refer to Five Hundred Pounds. The term possibly originates in London from the early 19th century, but no reason is given for its use.

Should you change Goddess to goddess?

The noun 'Goddess' is a proper noun as a word for a specific deity (the Goddess Athena).The noun 'goddess' is a common noun as a general term for any deity or any person to which excessive attention is given (He treats her like a goddess.)

What does the term FITT refer to?

I dk

Who is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom Warfare Handicrafts and Reason?

Athene/ Athena, known to the Romans as the Etruscan goddess Minerva, who was merged in Roman Britain with the Celtic goddess Sulis.

What is meant by the term source of law?

The phrase is a general one and it may refer to several things - - it may refer to the body of goverment which passed the law - the reason the law was passed - or possibly to the specific statute in which the law is embodied - etc.

What does the term liminal refer to?

The term liminal can refer to a space in which is created with in a performance. This can be a room that takes the audience away from it being a room.

What is the Greek goddess mean?

Greek Goddess is the term for a female god or supreme force/being in greek mythology.

Who are the god and goddess sculpted in the school of Athens?

Minerva (Goddess of Reason) on side of rational thinkers, and Apollo (God of Poetry) on side of inspirational thinkers. Minerva (Goddess of Reason) on side of rational thinkers, and Apollo (God of Poetry) on side of inspirational thinkers.