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Rick loose...a long time Michigan resident.

No - it is Tim Allen.

Sounds just like Cliff Robertson

Um, Where are you getting your info!? It sure IS TIM ALLEN! Also, a long time resident of Michigan!

Ah YES IT IS Tim Allen!! It's been bothering me for a week!!

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Tim Allen

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Q: Who does the voice over for the pure Michigan commercial?
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Who does the voice over for Michigan Tourism commercials- is it George Clooney?

Jeff Daniels does the voice over for Michigan's tourism commercial campaign titled "Pure Michigan". He also performs the voice work for Michigan's business benefits commercials designed to lure businesses to Michigan. Jeff Daniels is a Michigan native and does a lot to promote the state. He owns and operates the Purple Rose Theater Company in Chelsea, Michigan.

Who sings voice over for aT and T commercial pure imagination?

It is Gene Wilder ( taken from the original Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory ) It is not a voice over.

What song is being played on the Pure Michigan commercial?

The song typically played in Pure Michigan commercials is "The Michigan Song" by Monte Pride.

Who does voice for pure Michigan ad?

Tim Allen - native of Detroit and star of Tool Time - is the voice on the pure Michigan ads.

Who does the voice over for pure michagin?

Tim Allen

When was Pure Michigan created?

Pure Michigan was created in 2006.

What commercials feature Tim Allen voiceovers?

Tim Allen is the voice of all the "Pure Michigan" ads as well as recently becoming the new voice of Chevrolet (2010-2013) and Campbell's Soup.

Did Justin's voice crack?

No his voice is pure.

What does La voix pure mean in English?

It's French for 'the pure voice'

Why is it Pure Michigan now as opposed to Michigan?

It is part of the marketing campaign from the State department of tourism.

What are the words to the Geico pig zip line commercial?

Pure adrenaline!

What actors and actresses appeared in WipEout Pure - 2005?

The cast of WipEout Pure - 2005 includes: Kevin Howarth as Male Voice Amanda Weston as Female Voice