Who drive a private car?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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who drive a private car

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Q: Who drive a private car?
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Someone who is paid to drive a private car is?

A Chauffeur is a person that drives a private car for someone.

What do you call someone who is paid to drive a private car?

A chauffeur

Can i drive my private car of delhi registration in uttar pradesh?

Yes you can,Infect you can drive it any where you want. Private cars are allowed in other states.

How old do you legally have to be to drive a car off-road?

You can be any age to drive a car on private ground, the laws only apply on roads that are owned by councils.

What do you call a person who is hired driver?

Generally, the person is a chauffeur if employed to drive a private or rented vehicle.

Can you drive a used car home without tags from a private seller in Michigan?

You can but it's not legal.

Is is legal to drive a car without a licence on private property in pa?

A person can drive on private property in PA without a license. However, in PA driveways and parking lots are considered pubic property.

Is it illegal to drive a car without a license on a private parking lot?

No, if you have the owner of the parking lots permission.

Can you drive a used car home without tags from a private seller in Tennessee?

no, you should have temporary tags

Do you need a license to drive a car?

Depends on WHERE you want to drive. In most places, you have to have (or be training for a) license to drive on public roads. But it's usually OK to drive on private property without a license.

Can you test drive a car with a suspended license?

No. It is a violation to "operate" a motor vehicle on suspended licenses. It is illegal to drive the vehicle even on a test drive. Now that is if you were to drive the vehicle on a public highways, roadways, and streets. You could drive the vehicle around the parking lot (if private property) or on some one's private property is legal.

How do you insure my 95 year old dad's car who does not drive so I can drive?

Call the insurance company and have them add your name. I drove my mother around and used her car for errands for her and never worried about the insurance. I have my own coverage for my car and she had hers, so if anything had happened I was covered. Often your own private car insurance goes with you when you drive another car.