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Humans,turtles,frogs,insects and mice eat cabbage.

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Do cows eat cabbage?

yes, cow eat cabbage.

Why can humans not eat cabbage?

I eat cabbage all the time

What part of purple cabbage do you eat?

You eat the leaves of the purple cabbage, just as with the green cabbage.

What do cabbage butterflies eat?

They eat nectar and the caterpillars eat leaves from the cabbage and raddish family.

Can horses eat cabbage?

Horses can eat cabbage, but only in small amounts.

Can giraffes eat cabbage?

No, The giraffe cannot eat cabbage because she is a herbivore.

Can your blue tongue eat cabbage?

They can eat spring cabbage but not the other kinds.

Can ducks eat cabbage?

yes, ducks "can" eat cabbage, but most dislike it

What kinds of animals eat vegetables?

rabbits eat lettuce and carrots ,cabbage .and lettuce and cabbage aren't the samething cabbage is bigger and leafy giepigs eat carrots

Can dog eat cabbage?

Yes, dogs can eat cabbage and it's even good for them. Cabbage aids in digestion and is a healthy treat for dogs.

Can chickens eat raw cabbage?

yes chickens can eat raw shredded cabbage as they are omnivores.

Can your dog eat cabbage?

A dog can eat cabbage but its a bad thing to do. Dogs were not meant to eat vegetables especially cabbage. If your dog does eat it then it will get a upset stomach and wont feel very well for awhile.

Is it ok for rabbits to cabbage?

It is alright for them to eat cabbage, but cabbage is not a recommended item in a rabbit's diet.

What you can eat as a vegetarian?

you can eat cabbage beans ....................................................................

Do worms eat cabbage?

Caterpillars of the genus Pieris feed on cabbage.

Can hamster eat uncooked cabbage?

yes it healthier because cooked cabbage take out the nutrients of cabbage

Is it safe to eat purple cabbage?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to eat purple cabbage, both cooked or raw.

Does cabbage cause constipation?

if you eat a lot YES , that's why you should only eat a lot of cabbage when you have diarrhea :)

Do birds eat cabbage?

do birds eat cabbiage

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