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Who eats bugs?

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Chinese people do. They eat Grasshoppers.

2008-01-04 12:04:20
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What kind of bug eats other bugs?


What other bugs eats katydid bugs?

They like tacos! ;)

What eAts sawgrass?


How eats bugs?


Is an ant an ominivore?

Yes. It eats dead bugs and it eats leaves.

What eats an orb weaver?

it eats a diet of bugs such as an ant or its poo

What eats hibiscus plants?


What eats potato bugs?


What eats kissing bugs?


What does anteater eat?

It eats bugs

What eats bugs?

Birds, Fish, Sometimes cats (If the bugs are flying around)

What kind of bugs does Bigfoot eat?

Big foot eats June bugs.

What do you call an animal that eats bugs?

An animal that eats bugs is called a shutup and getout of my life bug.a sdkflj askfhd ajjdhf

What a bear that eats a fish that ate bugs that ate algae is?

A bear that eats a fish that ate bugs that ate algae is a

How many bugs does the average human eat?

The average person eats approximately one pound of bugs a year. The number of bugs that a human eats stays pretty consistent through adulthood.

What eats pill bugs?

Spiders and frogs

What do crayfish eats?

bugs and fish plants

What do frog eats?

that eat flys bugs

What does a dragon fly eats?

small bugs

What type of consumer eats bugs?


What do borugos eat?

It eats bugs and leafs

How do potato bugs eats potatoes?

With their toes

Is a monkey a carnivores?

It is technically an omnivore It eats fruits and berries but it also eats bugs

Why are pill bugs and sow bugs important?

The are part of the food chain. You probably don't eat pill bugs and sow bugs, but you eat stuff that eats the pill bugs and sow bugs.

Will a katydid make a cat sick if he eats it?

A katydid will not make a cat sick if he eats it. Cats can eat bugs without the bugs making the cat sick.