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Privatization was not made but rather discovered. The history of privatization begins with early man who quickly discovered what private property meant whenever stumbling into the cave of a bear or lion or such animal who made clear who owned the cave. Shortly thereafter, early man began fashioning weapons, not at all pleased with lions, tigers and bears laying claim to ownership of caves they coveted. The battle began and man began his pursuit of property.

At some point, man began to build civilizations where many men learned that they were not entitled to property and instead were really just property themselves and it took thousands of years for man to unlearn this false idea and sadly man still struggles with unlearning this false notion today. You are an individual and as such are a private person sovereign unto yourself. You own your person and no one else can own you with out your express approval. However, even then, the notion of ownership of another person is abhorrent to natural law and as such it could be argued that one does not even have the right to voluntarily accept servitude or slavery.

The notion of a collective ownership is what is made. Corporations, a form of collective ownership is an artificial entity owned by many people. Communism, another form of collective ownership, is an artificial government that owns the market place on behalf of the people. Privatization was not made, only made undesirable by Utopian true believers who are convinced that all property is theft. Can you see the contradiction?

Property by definition is something owned and communist insist that nobody can own property because it is owned collectively. This bad reasoning is one example of how you can tell the difference between laws and theories or hypothesis. Communism is a theory. Privatization is law. By law an individual owns his own person. By law any effort made by such person and any item or resource of value earned by that effort is owned by that person. This is property and property is best served when it is private property. Public property can have its uses and they are sometimes nice places to visit but who would want to live there? ==Another Perspective== In Economics, privatization is the process of transferring property, jurisdiction and services from the public sector to the private sector. Privatization helps to establish and supports the free market and, in theory, fosters competition. In recent decades privatization has been associated with the transfer of government services to private companies. The topic is extremely controversial. Examples are education, sanitation, health care, municipal billing, janitorial services in public buildings, private takeover of formerly public utilities, snow plowing, highway maintenance, para-military services, railways, etc. Various sources date the origin of this term as early as the 1930s, in Germany. You can read discussions and articles about privatization around the world at the links provided below.

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Q: Who established privatization?
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