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Who evolves with a oval stone?

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Happiny, IIRC.

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In Pokemon diamond what evolves from an oval stone?

Chansey evolves from an Oval Stone.

What Pokemon evolves from a oval stone Pokemon platinum?

Happiny evolves into Chansey with an Oval Stone.

What pokemon evolves from an Oval Stone?

The Ovalaptor evolved from the oval stone.

What Pokemon does a oval stone evolve?

an oval stone evolves happiny

What is a oval stone for in Pokemon diamond?

The oval stone evolves Chansey.

What does a Oval stone evolve?

it evolves togetic No it does not, I checked, an oval stone does not evolve Togetic! But I do not mean to be rude its a shiny stone that evolves togetic

What pokemon does the oval stone evlove?

The Oval stone evolves Happiny into Chansey.

Who evolves with an oval stone in pokemon platinum?

happini can evolve with a oval stone

What Pokemon evolve by using an Oval stone on it?

Happiny evolves into a Chansey when it levels up holding the Oval Stone during the day.happiny evolves with the oval stone.......... I thinj

What evolves with an oval stone?

a pokemon

Who evolves from oval stone?

Happiny evolves through level-up while holding the Oval Stone. The Oval Stone will disappear though, so make sure it's the Happiny you want.

Pokemon diamond what Pokemon evolves with an oval stone?

Happiny. You need to make it hold the Oval stone and level it up before it evolves.

What does an oval stone evolve?

The oval stone evolves happiny into chansey but only if it has anof happiness

What evolves with a oval stone in Pokemon diamond?

The Charzard evolves into a Charmander.

What Pokemon evolves into chansey?

Happiny evolves into Chansey. It evolves with a oval stone in the day

What pokemon evolves with the oval stone?


What is a oval stone?

it evolves happini into chansey

What is Oval stone for?

it evolves a charmander into a dialga

What does the oval stone do?

It evolves togitic into togikiss

What Pokemon evolves by a oval stone in Pokemon pearl?

Happinny is the only Pokemon that can evolve with the Oval Stone.

What Pokemon evolves with a oval stone in soul silver?

Happiny evolves into chansey if you give it the oval stone and level it up during the day, hope i helped

What is oval stone at chansey?

Do you mean what is an oval stone? Well, an oval stone is an item that when held by a Happiny during the Daytime and leveling it up evolves it into Chansey.

What evolves from oval stone Pokemon?

weedle it evolves into weelord trust me it works

Which Pokemon evolves from oval stone in diamond?


What evolves from a oval stone in Pokemon plaitnum?


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