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the guy who backed offcourse

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Q: Who fault is it when someone backs into oncoming traffic and causes an accident?
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What are the Causes and effects of traffic jam?

causes and effect of traffic jams

Who is at fault Ohio accident law?

Whoever causes the accident.

When is a parking lot owner responsible for an auto accident?

When he causes the accident

What are the cause of handicap?

There are an unlimited number of causes for different handicaps. Someone may have been in a car accident for example that left them paralyzed.

Who is at fault when a person waives another into an accident?

The person who causes the accident is at fault

Does God know when you will die?

No. It is your choice whether to run into traffic or not, or murder or accident among other causes that leads to your death. So someone who knows everything knows of the future only what actual probability each choice has of being made since those are the only truths about the future that exist.

A cerebrovascular accident commonly causes?

A stroke

What is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes?

I would say that people not paying attention is the primary cause of accidents. Of course there are many factors that can cause and accident, but not paying attention is the one that causes more than other causes.

What are some causes of accident in the bedroom?

What are some causes of accidents in the dining room

What are some causes accident and how accident it is related to the 3 laws of motion?

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What are the leading causes of traffic crashes in the US?

Talking on the cellphone and eating/drinking....... Every 32 minutes someone gets killed by a drunk driver

Are you responsible in Washington state if you have an event and someone else brings wine and someone has an accident and had too much alcohol in their blood?

In most states if an obviously intoxicated person continues to be served drinks and causes an automobile accident, the host/server/bartender that continued to serve drinks while knowing the person was obviously intoxicated is partially responsible and can be criminally prosecuted for the accident as well as the drunk person involved in the accident.

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