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the guy who backed offcourse

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Q: Who fault is it when someone backs into oncoming traffic and causes an accident?
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Who is at fault Ohio accident law?

Whoever causes the accident.

When is a parking lot owner responsible for an auto accident?

When he causes the accident

What are the cause of handicap?

There are an unlimited number of causes for different handicaps. Someone may have been in a car accident for example that left them paralyzed.

Who is at fault when a person waives another into an accident?

The person who causes the accident is at fault

Does God know when you will die?

No. It is your choice whether to run into traffic or not, or murder or accident among other causes that leads to your death. So someone who knows everything knows of the future only what actual probability each choice has of being made since those are the only truths about the future that exist.

What is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes?

I would say that people not paying attention is the primary cause of accidents. Of course there are many factors that can cause and accident, but not paying attention is the one that causes more than other causes.

A cerebrovascular accident commonly causes?

A stroke

Are you responsible in Washington state if you have an event and someone else brings wine and someone has an accident and had too much alcohol in their blood?

In most states if an obviously intoxicated person continues to be served drinks and causes an automobile accident, the host/server/bartender that continued to serve drinks while knowing the person was obviously intoxicated is partially responsible and can be criminally prosecuted for the accident as well as the drunk person involved in the accident.

What are some causes accident and how accident it is related to the 3 laws of motion?

give atleast 5 major causes of accidents and its law (s) of motion

In motor vehicle accident and person at fault has no insurance?

When someone causes an accident and he has no insurance, he is liable to pay for the damages out of his own pocket. Some of the costs may be too much to bear and that is why people are better off having insurance.

What are the leading causes of traffic crashes in the US?

Talking on the cellphone and eating/drinking....... Every 32 minutes someone gets killed by a drunk driver

How does the large population in Dubai affect traffic?

It causes traffic jams..there will be more pollution.

What are main causes of accident?

it is because of human error

Who is responsible if a teenager causes an accident in vehicle?


What causes traffic?

Well really it depends, anyting can cause traffic. For instance, someone could have had a car crash, traffic lights maybe working too slow, or somebody could be running out of petrol and be going too slow. It really depeneds anything could happen at anytime.

Who is at fault in an auto accident when someone runs a stop sign and causes the person that had the right of way to collide into another car?

The person who ran the stop sign is at fault

What is the action called when an accident causes the brain to hit the inside of the head and it causes an injury?


Is the person who opens their car door in traffic and the door is hit always at fault?

The person who opens the door in traffic, The reason why is when anyone exits their vehicle they should always look and be sure it is clear and safe to do so. If a person does open their door in traffic and causes an accident regardless of whether the door is damaged or not that person is liable for damages, injuries to property and people as a result of negligence.

When you get into a car accident what causes you to move forward with the car?


What do you call a major accident?

There is no legal definition of a "major" accident. It is a loose description that is usually applied to any accident which causes major costly damage and/or injury or death.

What is the major cause of a brain stem injury?

The most common cause of a brain injury is a traffic accident. Approximately 70% of all brain injuries will be sustained in this manner. Other causes include accidents in the home and playing sport.

Why is jaywalking illegal?

It's unsafe and it causes traffic jams.

What causes traffic congestion?

Too many cars on the road.

Is it legal to jaywalk?

No It's unsafe and it causes traffic jams.

Who is repsonsible if someone you did not give permission and does not have a license causes an accident my daughter who is listed on my policy did give permission?

You are still responsible for her and her decisions Legally the owner of the vehicle is going to be held liable.