Who feels more pleasure during sex?

The woman feels the most pleasure.. as she has orgasms/multiple-orgasms.. and boys its no more pleasurable than wanking

For guys it is not just like wanking it, if your truly in Love with the woman than it is indeed heightened pleasure and as one you both feel the same pleasure.

It also depends if the man is circumcised or not. For men, sex is more pleasurable with a foreskin. Most men who have trouble getting pleasure from sex are usually circumcised. If you're a circumcised man and you want sex to be more pleasurable and less painful, (if it hurts to have an erection, it does for some circumcised men) you should look into Foreskin Restoration. Men that had their foreskin restored said that they had the best sex of their life. It takes a while to grow it, but it's worth it for all the pleasure you get.

So the real fact is, men and women feel an equal amount of pleasure. It's just a lot of people look down on foreskins and think removing it will make it cleaner, and make sex more pleasurable, but truth is, it doesn't make the penis any healthier or cleaner, or make sex more pleasurable.

The foreskin is like the male "g-spot," and the female "g-spot" is actually considered a "female prostate." Women don't have more nerves in their genitals than men.. MEN have more nerves. In the foreskin there are 20,000 nerves. In the clitoris there are 6,000 nerves. This means men lose TWENTY-THOUSAND nerves during circumcision. That's a lot of pleasure lost. Because men have more nerves on their penis then a clitoris does not mean women feel less pleasure. There are also a lot of nerves inside the vagina. Removal of the foreskin, is just like removal of the clitoris. Sex would be way less pleasurable for women if they didn't have a clitoris, right? That's probably why most American men have trouble getting the big pleasure out of it. Sadly in America, circumcision is still done without a real medical reason for it. So sex is less pleasurable for circumcised men. Once more, if you're a circumcised man experiencing pain in your erection, or feel like you don't get enough pleasure, I suggest looking into Foreskin Restoration.

You won't regret it.

Also more interesting info I found in an article

"Though multiple orgasms are generally associated with the female sexual experience, 15 percent to 20 percent of men reported enjoying them when surveyed in the famous Kinsey reports. Learning how to have multiple orgasms takes a bit of effort, and in addition, these are non-ejaculatory orgasms (not your typical orgasm). However, men have been practicing the art of multiple orgasms for thousands of years with the help of tantra and other techniques, so have him give it a go if he's so inclined!"

So men can have multiple orgasms. It's possible, but hard to achieve. Men are more likely to experience an orgasm during sex than a woman is. Although men have shorter orgasms than women, doesn't mean it's less pleasurable.