Who first discovered the Moonstone?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Who first discovered the Moonstone?
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Who was WindClan's first medicine cat?

The earliest WinClan medicine cat mentioned was Mothflight. She was the very first medicine cat, the one who discovered the Moonstone and brought the knowledge of it back to the clans.

The moonstone is considered the first English?

detective novel

How can you get a moonstone in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time only?

first find a kecleon shop in a certain dungeon and than on the red rug it might have a moonstone get it pay for it (it is 1000$) and than you got your moonstone!

What gems get you the flying pig on Fantage?

moonstone moonstone and moonstone

What is a sentence for moonstone?

I have found some moonstone.This moonstone is very pretty.I have a moonstone ring at home.

Where do you mine moonstone in Free Realms?

There is no Moonstone...

How to make a moonstone?

A moonstone is a type of rock which is known for the way it bounces light around. A moonstone can not be made.

How do you evovle nidoran?

Level Up for first EVO then moonstone for sencond EVO

Who is the writer of The Moonstone?

Wilkie Collins is the author of The Moonstone

How do you use a moonstone to evolve a Pokemon?

get a moonstone. get a Pokemon that can evolve with a moonstone. go to your bag. choose the moonstone. choose use. select your Pokemon. Congrats on your new Pokemon

Where can you buy a moonstone pendant?

A moonstone pendant can be purchased from Moonstone Pendants and Charms, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Rainbow-Moonstone, Everything Under the Moon, and Goddess Lifestyle Plan.

Is moonstone easy to scratch?

Yes, Moonstone will scratch easily.