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Who first invent words?


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2011-03-02 18:21:28
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a smart person apparently

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Since God was believed to invent words, I do believe it was Him. .

how many words did shakespeare invent

Sumerians were the first to invent writing.

Many common words such as "eyeball" have their first recorded use in the works of Shakespeare.

The first people to invent paper were the Egyptians.

why was it important that he invent the first car

Crinoline is a stiff fabric that first appeared around 1830. Two Latin words, crinis (meaning "hair") and lin (meaning "flax), were combined to invent the name.

the first person to invent sports were the Iroquois-lacrosse

Levi Dickenson is the first one who invent the broom. :)

Yes, they were the first to invent chewing gum.

William Across was the first person to invent pantomime

Some of the words which were first noted in Shakespeare's work are eyeball, assassination and puke. The attached link has a long list of words that he has invented on it.

The first person to invent the first mobile cellular telephone was Martin Cooper.

The first person to invent the garden sprinkler was John Feddner.

Henery Ford was the first man to invent cars at 1865

the first person to invent the life soze toy was your mama.

yes they did invent the first powered planes

Innovative, persistent, intelligent, creative and the first to "invent" the automobile (1880s).

What year did Robert Hooke invent his first microscope

he did not invent anything but did the worlds first heart transplant

sarah boone was the first african american to invent , the iron oar

who was the first person to invent the internal combustion engine

It took seven years to invent a First motorbike. Motorcycle megastore

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