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It was originally made for Britney Spears but she didn't want it so Lady Gaga did the song with Beyonce.

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It has been released. On Youtube type in "Lady GaGa-Telephone ft. Beyonce." It will take you to the video. It was released on march 15 2010

The song Telephone is by Lady Gaga, and features Beyonce.

Lady Gaga sings Telephone with Beyoncé, but it's mostly Gaga singing.

by Lady Gaga and Rodney Jerkins.

It is telephone that lady gaga sang with beyonce!

the newest song of lady gaga was telephone,which was also by beyonce.

telephone by lady gaga

The song Telephone by Lady GaGa is about getting hit up at a club. The feeling about the song is that she is afraid to "suffocate" herself.

Lady Gaga currently has 25 songs. INCLUDING TELEPHONE AND POKERFACE

BeyonceHanging on the telephone- Blondie.

The first song Lady GaGa released under the name "Lady GaGa" was the song Just Dance. It was released as a single from her first album, The Fame. However, before Stefani was ever known as Lady GaGa, she released an album called Red and Blue.

It's suppose to be released on the 8th of March, but I'm not entirerly sure.

Although Videophone has been released already by beyonce, lady gaga has not officially released telephone yet. It is being played due to its popularity prior to release.

She wore a blue telephone on her head.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Lady GaGa and Beyonce.

lady gaga and beyonce lady gaga also wrote -just dance -bad romance -telephone -and mabye some others that escape me at the moment, :)))

if you mean which other artist featured in lady gaga's 'telephone', then the answer is beyonce Knowles

Yes Lady Gaga does have a sister and her name is Natali Germanotta. She appeared in GaGa's video for Telephone.

Lady Gaga is in jail because she was naked in Telephone, the music video and she went out i public with no pants

No, Lady Gaga has not been placed in jail. Her music video for "Telephone" was filmed in a prison.

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