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none i hate the Jonas brothers. Rhey abuse people.

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Who sang the song brother can you spare a dime on the Golden Girls episode brother can you spare a jacket?

Barbra Streisand

Who sang the song with the lyrics Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

Donna Summers

Who sang brother can you spare a dime on the golden girls?

After a little bit of digging, I found out that it was Cynthia McFee. She is not the same person who sang the theme song, that was Cynthia Fee.

How old was Celine Dion when she first began to sing?

Celine Dion first sang at the wedding of her brother Michel when she was 5.

Which Jackson brother sang at his memorial?

Jermaine Jackson

In the seventies who sang like sister and brother?

The Drifters

What does Michael Jackson brother randy do for a living?

he sang

Does kim sang bum have a brother or a sister?


What tavares brother sang lead in whodunit?


Who sang chiquitita first ABBA or menudo?

Abba sang it first in English, then spanish. Menudo sang it after them in spanish.

What was the first song Demi Lovato sang in camp rock?

the first song that was played that she sang was who will i be but the first one that she actually in person sang is this is me

Who first sang Jingle Bells?

I don't know who first sang it but I know it was a Thanksgiving song first.

DId Rod Stewart ever sing the song Louie Louie Louie Louie?

yes, but my husband says his brother donny sang the song first

What was the first song Elton John sang?

The first song he sang that was recorded was Scarecrow.

Who first sang the song Granada?

Agustin Lara first sang this song in 1932

What did Julius Caesar do in his spare time?

jump roped, danced in circles, sang songs, jousted, and many other!

What did Paul McCartney's father do?

he wrote and sang songs he wrote and sang songs. he also raised paul andhis brother and sister

What songs were sung by bing Crosby and bob hope in the movie on the road to Morocco?

Together, they sang "(We're Off On the) Road to Morocco." They individually "sang" a comic version of "Moonlight Becomes You." By himself, Bing Crosby sang "Ain't Got a Dime To My Name."

Who sang the Blues Man First George Jones?

hank Jr wrote and sang it first

What was the first song that one direction sang?

The first song they sang and wrote was What Makes You Beautiful

Who sang He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother?

The Hollies, and also Neil Diamond.

Who sang lewie loewe loewi?

Possibly 'Brother Louie' by Hot Chocolate.

What is the Korean word in younger brother?

dong- sang this is how you say it and this is how you spell it 동생

The name of the song smokey Robinson sang at the end of the temptations movie?


Who sang original tupac changes?

lil,keno tupacs half brother