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Who first used electricity to produce light?

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Mother Nature, lightning must be the first to produce light from electricity.

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Is it must to use white candles to produce electricity?

Candles (of whatever color) are not used to produce electricity, they are used for light, and for ceremonial purposes.

Can heat produce electricity?

Heat can be used to produce electricity.

How renewable and non-renewable enerygy sources produce electricity?

They produce electricity be burning coal and then the coal is used to heat, light and do lots of other things.

How is the energy source used to produce electricity?

Most energy sources that are used to electricity are first generating heat. The heat is then used to power a turbine which produces electricity.

Why does the splitting atoms generate electricity?

If you mean nuclear fission, then this does not generate electricity directly. The energy released is essentially light/heat energy and this is used to heat water to produce steam. The steam is then used to drive turbines/generators to produce the electricity.

How is biogas used to produce electricity?

Biogas is used to produce electricity as it can fill up certain tubes or containers and then be filled with a luminescence that extends throughout the length of the glass, thusly filling the entire container with light.

What is the most commonly used way to make light?

Before the light bulb was invented, people used lanterns, candles, and fire for light. Today, with all the technology going on, we use electricity to produce light such as for the light bulb. So the most commonly used way to make light is by electricity.

How is the steam used to produce electricity?

Steam can be used to run turbines which will turn generators which will produce electricity.

When was electricity first used to make light?

July 24, 1874

When was electricity used to power the light bulb?

The first electric light bulb was made in 1880

What is coal used to produce?

Coal is used to produce heat and electricity.

Can solar energy be used for electricity?

Solar energy can be used to produce electricity.

Did Nikola Tesla make electricity for Niagara Falls?

He used the current of the Niagara falls to produce electricity. That was the first hydra station.

Can ATP be used to produce electricity?


What was electricity used for?

Electricity was used to power high-tech objects and automobiles such as cars electricity was used to also power light and light bulbs

Coal is used as fuel to produce what?

in power stations to produce electricity,,,

Is solar energy is used to produce electricity?

yes solar energy is used to make electricity

How can natural gas be used to generate electricity?

As a fuel it is used to run the generators which produce the electricity.

Is oil used to make electricity?

Electricity can be made from fossil oils ,like coal, lignite etc when it is burned it can produce electricity otherwise in some hydraulic systems the oils used in it can also produce electricity

What nuclear energy is used for?

To produce electricity

How is heat used to produce electricity?


What are nuclear plants used for?

To produce electricity

Why is coal used to produce electricity?


Aerogenerators are used to produce electricity from?


Why are only solar cells used as a power source in satellites?

Solar panels must be constantly exposed to light to produce electricity