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Who found electrcity?

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Nobody. Electricity is a natural phenomenon. All civilizations had at least some familiarity with it since there is lightling, static, and electrical effects everywhere. The understanding of how to use it and produce it took many centuries and involved contributions from countless people.

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Can electrcity attract and repel?


Is air a conductor of electrcity?


Who invented electrcity?

nobody, it just is.

What says how difficult it is for electrcity to flow?


What does electrcity energy change into?

Heat and/or light.

What is electrcity?

a form of energy. electricity is the flow of electrons

How does electrcity flow?

By movement of free electrons in conductors

How do you make light on alchemy?


What causes some materials to be good insulators of electrcity?


How does water kill electrical appliances?

Water condutes electrcity

What is electrcity energy?

That refers to energy carried by an electric current.

How can you create static electrcity?

by rubbing two peices of clothing together

How can a uranium mine create electrcity?

A Uranium mine can not create electricity.

Does a solution formed from the dissolving of sugar in water conduct electrcity?

No, because it is not ionic.

Why does sodium chloride conduct electrcity?

Solid pure sodium chloride is not conductive.

Why copper is not good electrolyte though it is good conductor of electrcity?

why copper is not an electrolyte

What is a good name for a science project with making a homemade battery?

electrcity used

What is the salary of Indian sansad?

Around 50000 and the service of electrcity,railway,telephone etc.

Why does molten sodium chloride conduct electrcity?

As a liquid sodium chloride is dissociated in ions.

Where does electrcity come from?

Electricity is created by generators in hydro dams or coal or nuclear power stations.

What causes static electrcity?

static electricity is a stationary electric charge that is built up on a material

What is a good conductorsof electrcity?

Silver is the best, followed by copper. All metals in general are conductors.

Is there a word that starts with a k and has to do with electrcity?

kilowatt hour - the use of 1000 watts in one hour

What did Thomas Edison discover about electricity?

Thomas Edison discovered that electrcity can make heat and Fruit Bro

What is the average electrcity bill in Miami FL?

$100 in winter and aprrox. $160 in the summer (small house)

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