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Who found gold?

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How much gold was found at the gold rush?

20% of the gold was found

Where is the element gold found?

Gold is found in the ground.

Where is gold found and in what form?

Gold is found in rivers and in the form of small gold nuggets.

When was the gold rushes gold found?

it was found in sutters mill

Where is gold normally found on earth?

Where is gold normally found

What is found gold?

Generally, 'found gold' is acquired by panning for gold flakes in mountain streams.

Which country is gold found?

what country is gold found in? Where is gold found seriously you dont right the question for gosh sakes :l

Where was gold found is the 1800s?

The gold found in the 1800's or more specifically 1849 was found in California during the Gold Rush

Who found the gold?

A lot of people have found gold. Be more specific.

Were is most of the US. gold found?

Where is gold found in florida

Who found gold at kalgoorlie?

Paddy Hannon found gold at Kalgoorlie.

What country is gold most found?

Gold is mostly found in the USA

Is gold found in coal?

Gold Ain't Found in Coal, foo!

What state is gold usually found in?

Gold is found in the solid state.

What is reef gold?

Reef gold is found in calcified objects or rocks. Reef gold was the gold that most gold miners found in rock form.

Can gold be found in Trinidad?

No gold there.

Can gold be found in shopping carts?

No, gold cannot be found in shopping carts. Gold can be in other places, but it cannot be found in shopping carts.

Where was there a gold rush at the time gold was found in Australia?

At the time gold was found in Australia, there was a major gold rush going on in California.

What bonding is found in gold and copper?

Metallic bonding is found in gold or copper

Where was gold found in the Northern Territory?

Gold was found at Tennant Creek in the 1930s.

Can gold be found in a cave?

gold was known to be found in caves but very rarly

What alloys can be found in gold?

Gold is an element. No alloys are found in any element.

Who found the very first gold?

Our ancient ancestors found gold first and as there are no records going back that far we do not know who first found gold.

How do people find gold?

Natural gold can be found pretty much anywhere. Gold can also be found in concentrated deposits. Gold can basically be found by digging around in certain places.

What is the name of the mill were gold was found in the California gold rush?

They found gold at Sutter Mill in Central California.